Holy Cow Branding and St. Christopher Project bring CrashFlasher™ to Market

Triangle-based Branding Agency Promotes Product Launch of Auto Safety Device

Online PR News – 14-May-2012 – Raleigh – Holy Cow Branding and St. Christopher Project bring CrashFlasher™ to Market
Triangle-based Branding Agency Promotes Product Launch of Auto Safety Device

Raleigh, NC: Holy Cow Branding and the St. Christopher Project LLC have worked together to bring to market an innovative new product, CrashFlasher, a roadside safety beacon designed to alert oncoming drivers to a disabled vehicle ahead.

Beginning with extensive national market research in the spring of 2011, Holy Cow Branding paved a way for a smooth launch of the CrashFlasher, which is expected to be available for sale this summer.

“We didn’t know how quickly all of this would come together,” said SCP founder and CrashFlasher inventor, Nancy McMeekin, “but I am certain it would not have been nearly as fast without the Holy Cow Branding team supporting us.”

After market research, the Raleigh branding and marketing firm planned and executed an extensive marketing strategy including:

• effective messaging
• design, build and execute a CrashFlasher web site
• plan product launch steps
• research niche markets such as fleet managers and direct sales
• write and deliver email blasts to strategic markets
• design youtube page for product videos
• create social media strategy to expand product awareness

Like most inventions, CrashFlasher began as just as an idea. But, unlike many inventors, the McMeekins didn’t set out to get rich or famous, they set out to save lives.

”Thousands are killed or injured every year when their disabled vehicle is hit by an oncoming driver who just doesn’t see the emergency in time to avoid a crash,” McMeekin said. “It is important for every driver—regardless of how old or in what shape their vehicle is—to prepare for an emergency. You can’t predict when you’ll have a flat tire, engine trouble or a fender-bender and be vulnerable along the roadway.”

CrashFlasher works by placing its LED warning light almost five feet above the disabled vehicle, sending a 360-degree warning over the tops of intervening vehicles to give oncoming traffic time to make a decision to stop, slow down or go around. “Our product was engineered to be simple to use and requires no tools to deploy in an emergency,” McMeekin said. “We know that people who have roadside emergencies are not sufficiently protected by regular vehicle flashers, which are low to the ground and may not be working in an emergency. CrashFlasher will greatly improve visibility of the disabled vehicle, and we believe, can help to prevent these types of crashes, which are often deadly.”

Holy Cow Branding founder Lorana Price said, “We are proud partners with such an important product as the CrashFlasher. Their mission is one we embrace and their solution is unique and effective.

CrashFlasher will be marketed both to consumers and to fleet managers through a range of channels, including TV advertising, social media, trade shows and public relations. “We want to get the message out to all drivers that there is something you can do to help protect yourself in a roadside emergency,” McMeekin said. “Putting a CrashFlasher in your vehicle may save your life or the life of someone you love.”

About Holy Cow Branding, INC:
Holy Cow Branding is a strategic branding agency located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Holy Cow works with businesses to help them connect emotionally with their target market by creating and sustaining brands that generating positive, lasting impressions.

We emphasize the qualities that differentiate businesses from the rest of the herd through a comprehensive and integrated process that involves brand strategy, building brand awareness through marketing channels, managing brand assets and outstanding graphic design. For more information about Holy Cow, contact Lorana Price by calling 919 606 2817 or sending an email to lorana@holycowbranding.com

About St. Christopher Project:
St. Christopher Project, an organization dedicated to saving lives by improving the safety of drivers everywhere was founded by Larry and Nancy McMeekin. The initial focus of the organization is to bring to market the roadside emergency light, CrashFlasher.

About CrashFlasher:
CrashFlasher™, developed by the The St. Christopher Project, is a patent-pending LED emergency auto safety beacon that significantly improves the visibility of a stopped or disabled vehicle.

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