Flatrate Moving And Storage Announces Coupon Specials

Flatrate Moving and Storage, one of the country's full-service moving companies, has announced the immediate availability of four internet coupon specials on their web site.

Online PR News – 09-May-2012 – Rockville – Flatrate Moving and Storage, one of the country's full-service moving companies, has announced the availability of four internet coupon specials on their web site at http://www.flatratemovers.com. The offers range from free boxes to free storage to discounts on long-distance moves. While the specials are absolutely free, because of their outstanding value they may not be combined--customers must pick one of the four. To claim one of the offers, customers need only mention the coupon when requesting an estimate from these first-class Flat Rate Movers.

Free Storage Boxes

Two of the specials on offer are for free extra-strength boxes of the type recommended by most moving companies. Each coupon, however, has two options from which customers must choose. This means that these flat rate movers offer a total of four free box options:

* six linen boxes
* three china boxes
* three wardrobe boxes
* ten book boxes

While customers are certainly free to pack their own items in recycled boxes, Flatrate, like other moving companies, advises that older boxes that are not in good condition may come apart under pressure leading to damage of the customers property. Also, heavy items like books and CDs should be packed in small boxes that can take the strain. China and glassware must also be packed in strong boxes with plenty of packing material to prevent breakage. Using Flatrate's free offers to get appropriate boxes for special items like these is an insurance policy that can save money in the long run.

Free or Discounted Services

In addition to the free box specials, Flatrate offers two other coupons that should be considered by shoppers comparing moving companies. One is for a month's free storage, a very convenient offer for clients who anticipate a break between moving out of their old residence and moving into the new one. The company's storage facilities range from 5' by 5' areas suitable for the contents of a tiny apartment to 10' by 10' spaces that will hold the contents of a good-sized house.
The other coupon is a flat offer of $50 off any long-distance move by this firm of flat rate movers.

Flatrate Moving and Storage prides itself on being one of the moving companies most responsive to customers and prospective customers. Questions about these free offers can be sent to:

Flatrate Moving and Storage
13810 Bauer Drive
Rockville Maryland, 20853
1 800 417 6554

About Flat Rate Moving and Storage
As a full service moving company with state-of-the-art equipment and extensively trained personnel, they offer packing and unpacking services from simple apartment or house moving to fine art and marble crating or special antique and piano relocations.

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