SEO Company Pakistan will provide web design and web development to Paulo Coelho bookstore

Pakistani SEO Company has been hired to provide web design and web development service to Paulo Coelho bookstore based in London UK. Website design and Website Development Company will provide an E-commerce enabled bookstore for Paulo customers worldwide

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – A Leading Bookstore based in London UK that is providing Paulo Coelho’s books for customers in London UK, Ireland, Scotland, Europe and worldwide has hired SEO Company for a neat and clean site designing and development architecture.

Mr. Paul Nelson that is CEO of Bookstore has told media, they have hired because their time frame for designing and developing the website was too low than other web design and web development companies. Also they have provided website design, web development and seo services to number of people I know in Real Life, their list of happy customers which admire their customer support, price and package plans and on time and in budget project completion is what taking us to use their designing and development service.

Paul told, we are the main provider of Paulo Coelho books here in London UK and our bookstore is selling books online since 14 years now, however, our website is too old, there has had been number of ecommerce related issues which needs site redesigning and redevelopment and as our current website is not user and search engine optimized we were in search of a SEO Company or web design and development company that can help us have a neat and clean online bookstore on minimal prices and time frame.

Paul said, we have requested a template and logo and they have provided us 3 different web template and logo options, all impressive I must say, I assume they are committed people as far as I keep listening about their service and as they have top search engine rankings everywhere I personally believe now they know what search engine optimization and search engine marketing is all about.

We are very much confident they will provide us a fully functional website which has easy to use ecommerce features, though SEO Company owner Mr. Luqman Qadir has already provided us our site free structure which includes almost all SEO aspects they would insert in our website. Paul added, it was great to know a Pakistani SEO Company can speak impressive English and in the same British accent and that is impressive when one is looking forward to communicate with international companies.

We are happy to choose this website design and website development company, before hiring SEO Company services we have made contact with number of UK, Ireland, Scotland and European SEO Companies but I was not impressed with the kind of customer support, I am glad the company I have selected have morning and night shift and even they are there to provide customers like I backup support on Saturdays and Sundays and even other public holidays which would help us get all our modifications sorted out on urgent basis.

The last but not least as we have requested an urgent project completion from Mr. Luqman, He has put 2 web designers and 4 web developers our way to provide us projection completion earlier than promised time frame including one each search engine optimizer and search engine marketer that would assist website designers and developers to provide us a website with all SEO and SEM aspects included.

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