sound activated t shirt for Fashion men released by Etronixmart

Etronixmart released sound activated t shirt for Fashion men. Different style Sound Activated Flashing Equalizer Type Panel up to 92 units.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – Sound activated t shirt, also called EL sound actived t-shirt is a fashion t-shirt. The big attracted thing on this t-shirt is the LED EL panel. With different style EL panel, each t-shirt has its own shinny features. has released sound activated t shirt, up to 92 different styles to select.

"yes, this is t-shirt,a kind of clothers. But it is an electronic sound activated t-shirt" Said Alfredwang, sales manager of, when asking why Etronixmart released such cloths which looks no referance with electronics." these t-shirt is different from the normal one. They are powered up by electronics EL panel"

As you can see that, each t-shirt's chest is Stiched by a shinny LED panel. They called this panel as "Sound Activated Flashing Equalizer Type Panel". This is a flashing LED panel. It will actived according to the race of the music once connectiong via power. So this t-shirt should be run via battery. The Battery case / electronics is a Bright plastic lump (that looks like there are bits missing, (like buttons that have been removed and put in to your latest cheapo MP3 player) that sits hidden away inside the tshirt, snug in it's own little pocket. Who cares what that looks like? It holds the batteries and electronic magic is all. The Wire goes from the box through a cleverly stitched tube that runs through the inside of the shirt, to the back of the panel.

Every thing will be cool when "Black" goes. The Sound Activated Flashing Equalizer Type Panel will be actived once it turns on. Like the drum beat, the EL sound active t-shirt will shine al the time. This is especially funny when wearing such cool el sound active t-shirt in night club or party. What is more, this t-shirt is a best birthday gift or present. You will like this t-shirt a lot, not just how it looks, but the reactions you get when wearing it. It will make you stand out from everyone else in the room.

Ok, let us take a look at the technical Details:

It uses Spooky EL flat panel lighting technology

4 x AAA Batteries (Not Included, The Cheek)

3 Sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

The Tshirt is BLACK no other colour is available yet.

It MUST NOT be Washed in the Washing Machine. That would be very BAD. So does have potential to become quite stinky. WASH BY HAND ONLY. (Because it's Electric, and you don't wash electricity if you know whats good for you.