Bingo3X delivers its newest fun element – third mascot NJS

Bingo3X has recently launched a new mascot. After Chase, the charmer and Bravos, the power guy, here comes NJS or Not Just Simon who promises to introduce many new elements to the gaming experience at the site.

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – London – Bingo3X, the bingo site that has made quite a splash of a debut in the online gaming scene of 2012, has constantly managed to be in the news as well as in player memory ever since its launch, owing to a string of exciting promotions, bonuses, games, applications and more. The latest development in the site that has further consolidated the site’s position in public consciousness as well as cemented its status as one of the most innovative and entertaining online bingo sites around is the launch of its third and final mascot – NJS.
NJS, which is short for Not Just Simon, is the third mascot that has been launched by Bingo3X. Just like the other two previously launched mascots, Chase and Bravos, NJS is witty, engaging and entertaining. Having them onboard has helped Bingo3X forge a special connection with its players. This, in turn, makes Bingo3X one of the most social online bingo sites of the current times and helps it live up to its claim of being three times more fun.
The introduction of the three mascots has been fruitful for the site as they have managed to achieve what they were meant for and what they set out to do. Though the reasons for their popularity are varied and wide ranging, one of the major contributors to their rising popularity is their benevolence or what can also be called their generosity with giveaways. With exclusive competitions and contests planned for each one of them, Bingo3X players can look forward to loads of opportunities to win prizes, gifts and extra bbz from the site.
Apart from NJS and the other mascots that make Bingo3X a social and fun place to be in, the site is also technically sound and allows players a hassle free gaming experience. No downloads, no crashing, Bingo3X players enjoy a smooth gaming interface that is difficult to replicate. Exclusivity is also one of the USPs of the site. The Bonus Booster application which is available for the site’s Facebook community is an exclusive product that allows only players registered and depositing at the site to spin and win £15 everyday. There are also plans to launch a custom room which will make playing at the site an even better experience.
There is much to look forward to at Bingo3X. Keeping the site’s brush with excitement and innovativeness in the past, players can be certain that the special treatment will not be stopped anytime soon. If anything, there’s more to come in the future.