Twist YOUR tongue with the new Twist Your Tongue App for iPhone/iPad

Twist Your Tongue is the ultimate, interactive, Tongue Twister App for iPhone/iPad – with professional audio.

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – -, Berlin – Twist Your Tongue is the ultimate, interactive, Tongue Twister App for iPhone/iPad – with professional audio. This app comes packed with top-quality audio, sharing galore, a challenge/game mode, and lots of opportunities to show-off your linguistic skill. You’ll find fifty of the best tongue twistersin the English language, recorded by professional voice over artists, and including the full text of each tongue twister.

You can switch to record mode to try and beat the professionals at their own game. Happy with the result? Then share it with your friends, via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Feeling poetic? Switch to Create mode and you can make up your own tongue twister, share it, and add it to the app’s main tongue twister list, as well as random mode. Random mode is all about listening pleasure, just kick back and enjoy these crazy/beautiful sounds. If you’re a teacher or an acting coach, it’s a great way to present the twisters to your students.

The tongue twisters have been carefully selected: they’re by turns funny, romantic, wry, philosophical, narrative, crazy and – just in case you’re going to let your kids play with it (it’s rated 4+ by Apple) – we left out the rude ones. If you’re looking for a tongue twister to use in a report, at school, in coaching or for whatever, you can simply browse through these fifty tongue twisters. Each one has been recorded once fast, and once at a more leisurely pace. And none of them were fakes, we really did record the fast one’s at that speed! Of course, you’ll find the classics – Peter Piper and She Sells Sea-shells – and some more cutting edge twisters; Try “A bloke’s bike’s back brakeblock broke.”

The Twisters have been chosen for both the linguistic dexterity required to speak them at speed, AND their literary value and story-telling qualities. Be sure to listen to Ned Nott… the story of who got shot, was it shot, or was it not? Some of them are literary gems dating back over 150 years, others are hot off our press. You can listen to them in fast or slow mode, and slide down the text window if you’d like to study the Twister and commit it to memory.

Fancy a challenge? Well switch to record mode, twist your own tongue, save YOUR version of the Twister you see on the screen. Press the timer, and it’s you against the clock and the professional voice. Once you’ve beaten them, and you’re happy with your performance, share it with your friends, via email or facebook. If you’re really feeling bold, try Create Mode, where you can write your own tongue twister, save it, record it, share it, mail it – and EVEN integrate it into the app. Twist your Tongue! – because the English language is deep and wide! Dive into it and see if YOU can twist your tongue! And if you’re into foreign languages, try Twist Your Tongue in French, Spanish and German. Even if you don’t speak these languages, they’re hilarious to listen to.

Sound Apps Berlin, which produced Twist Your Tongue, is a new app house set up by three professional voice-over artists based in the German capital. They specialize in apps with audio content. Twist Your Tongue, available in English, German, French and Spanish, is the company’s debut. The founders are Emmanuel Teillet from Paris, Steve Taylor from London, and Miguel Turón from Barcelona.

So why tongue twisters? Sound Apps Berlin co-founder Steve Taylor. “We have to twist our tongues on a daily basis, you wouldn’t believe some of the scripts we have to read in our studio. We thought it would be cool to turn that into a useful and fun app. Twist Your Tongue is the result.” Actors and voice-over artists use tongue twisters to limber up their tongues before they perform. Some voice-actors spend half an hour preparing for a session. And getting your tongue into the groove really makes a difference. If you can say “The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” fast and accurately, you’re ready to go! The three founders have backgrounds in journalism, film and television, but their passion now is the spoken word. So you can expect more audio apps from Sound Apps Berlin.

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