Josh Fallis Announces Release of 'Treatise on the Evolution of the Spirit'

Josh Fallis will soon release the law of paradox, regarding the Bible's teachings of how to live in the spirit of Christ in today’s modern society of instant rewards and empty gratification.

Online PR News – 09-May-2012 – Denver, Colorado – Josh Fallis has announced the release of his "Treatise on the Evolution of the Spirit," with plans to release more on the law of paradox as dictated by the Bible and the scriptures of King David. The law of paradox concerns the role of specific parables and true "paradoxes" in scripture as a method of developing the spirit through teaching by example. Readers will gain a deeper, more fulfilling understanding of the power of biblical scriptures by understanding the law of paradox.


The upcoming "Treatise on the Evolution of the Spirit" is an expansion on the law of paradox, and discusses how it relates to larger theories Josh has developed throughout his years of spiritual growth. Josh intends to help people further understand biblical scripture and the power of spiritual faith and healing through his studies, and publishes his works as a way to spread the love and understanding of Christ to new believers and as a means to strengthen the bonds between the Lord and people that have followed paths away from Him.

Joshua Fallis is a devout disciple of Jesus Christ, loving father, caring husband, brother, and friend to all. Josh has experienced many of the highs and lows of life and living in service of the Lord, and has taken opportunities presented to him by Christ to strengthen his body, mind, and spirit. His upcoming book, "The Key of David: Faith into Action," discusses the law of paradox and many other theories concerning spiritual growth and development. The book is being co-authored with his wife Kimberly, who has provided Josh with a wealth of love, support, and inspiration throughout his career.

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