More Options In Web Promotions With WL Marketing’s Unique Press Release Distribution Service

WL Marketing is a SEO Service provider providing complete solutions for web promotion. They have recently started to offer some unique packages for press release distributions that make it now possible to submit releases to hundreds of related high-ranking websites.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – Press release distribution has now become much easier and more efficient with the new packages on offer at WL Marketing. The good news is that they do not only distribute press releases but also have a team of professional creative writers who can write press releases for customers.

Web promotion, as we all know, is not a one-step process. There are a lot of factors that one has to work on to promote a website or blog on Internet. Some of the promotional strategies may include article submissions to free article directories, creating hubpages and squidoo lenses, Directory Submission, service.html">Social Bookmarking, and press release distribution. WL Marketing has recently started to offer some unique packages for press release submissions. With these packages, it is now possible to submit releases to hundreds of related high-ranking websites. The preliminary testing has already been done and they are very excited with the results, as they find that the news gets released very quickly, within just a matter of few hours of submission. This is definitely a unique service because it allows the customers to generate a rich new source of back links within a very short time.

WL Marketing is a search engine optimization service provider. They provide complete solution for web promotion. As of now, they are offering 50 and 100 press release distribution packages. They have kept things very flexible for their customers as they are open to accept already written press releases where their task will only be limited to distribute the same to a large number of related websites. The prices seem to be very reasonable as one can get press releases submitted to 100 high-ranking sites at the price of $25 only. For 50 submissions, the charges are $15. But if writing is also needed, the prices are $35 and $25, respectively. Once the submission is complete, customers get a report that lists the details of the sites where the submissions have been made.

Back links generated by press release distribution play a very important role in the success of a website. They are the links to a website on another related website. Those who do not know about it must understand that generating these links is very much different from link exchange, where a website has to exchange links with another website. It means a website will add link to your site only if you agree to add a link to that website on your site. Back links on the other hand are one-way links. So, where link exchange seems like a business, back links are considered as genuine popularity of a website. Search engines in the last couple of years have significantly changed their indexing and ranking strategies. Search engine spiders now do not like link exchange much, but they love one-way links. So, the more back links a site has the better search engine ranking it is likely to get.

Press release distribution services offered by WL Marketing can thus be a great way to ensure faster and more encouraging results from a web promotion campaign.