ELL Teaching Videos Now Released At No Cost For Teachers From Everyday ELL

EveryDayELL.com has launched a collection of new, free videos instructing teachers how to support ELL students in their classroom. These videos offer techniques that teachers can implement immediately with only a little preparation.

Online PR News – 08-May-2012 – Salt Lake City, UT – Teachers who educate English Language Learners have a new series of videos available at no cost to them from EveryDayEll.com. This program shows teachers what a Sheltered Instruction model of education is and how to use it. Teachers and other professionals can view these videos my simply going to EveryDayEll.com and viewing their blog area.

Sheltered Instruction, the method of teaching explained by Dr. Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen, involves using pictures in connection with words. If a teacher would like their student to read page 112, instead of just saying the words a teacher can write it on the board with a graphic below each word. An example may be drawing an eye to represent reading. The student can then make the connection between the graphic of an eye and the word for reading.

Another teaching method included in Sheltered Instruction is to use picture signs. Pictures signs are Popsicle sticks with pictures on the ends that a teacher can use to easily communicate an idea to a student who may not know English very well. Using this method with ESL Flashcards has shown a significant increase in total comprehension. While these techniques do require a small amount of time to prepare, it can save a great amount of time and trouble in the classroom.

Dr. Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen, Ed.D. comments that implementing Sheltered Instruction takes very little or no preparation time at all. Instead, Sheltered Instruction simply requires the teacher to have an awareness that English Language Learners will learn better with this visual element included.

Dr. Gallagher-Geurtsen is well known for her work in the ESL field. She is the recipient of the 2003 American Educational Research Association’s Outstanding Dissertation Award for Curriculum Studies and the 2003-2004 Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society Top Professor Award at Utah State University. The information available on EverydayEll.com, as well as the teaching aids available for purchase, are of the highest quality. Dr. Gallagher-Geurtsen puts students and teachers first with teaching and ESL resources.

Http://www.EveryDayEll.com provides a large base of tips and tools to help teachers who have English Language Learner students. Latest teaching tips include Using Interactive Question Signs in the Classroom; and Matching Content Vocabulary with Pictures Games. In addition to videos and other teaching tips, teachers can purchase classroom accessories, learning aids, and teaching tools specifically designed to assist English Language Learners on EveryDayELL.com.

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