Spreadsheet Productivity Software Gets Upgrade Metric

XLhub receives product upgrade

Online PR News – 08-May-2012 – Perrysburg, Ohio – Spreadsheet Productivity Software Gets Upgrade
Metric-X, the developer of the Excel productivity software XLhub, has announced the release of new features in XLhub. XLhub is designed for companies that use Excel extensively and find that they are emailing spreadsheets and spending time transferring data between the Excel files. Using a wizard-driven interface, XLhub enables data in Excel files to be saved to a SQL Server database.

XLhub is a Microsoft Excel add-in that enables sharing of data between Excel files.

Applications for budgeting, forecasting, project management and timesheets can be rapidly built using XLhub. IT departments can have the best of both world: Enable the business users to get the most value from Excel while securing valuable corporate data in a standards-based architecture.

This product was developed with both business users and IT departments in mind. A wizard driven interface makes it easy for business users to become productive. IT departments like the fact that XLhub enables valuable enterprise data to be stored in a standards compliant SQL Server database and protected with Active Directory.

The newly released features include several reports, security functionality and the ability to work with protected worksheets.

The reporting features enable users to view data that originated in different files. Criteria can be applied in order to show specific snapshots of the data and to also show only the most recent snapshot from each file. Additionally an “audit trail” report is available that shows the change history of the data in each file.

For multi-user applications built with XLhub, new security features have been added to set permissions on subsets of the data. With this feature some users can be given permission to view all the data, while others can be restricted only to specific subsets of the data.

Protected Sheets-
Password protected sheets are now supported with XLhub. This feature will allow users to lock certain cells so that data cannot be changed, while keeping other cells unlocked.

“At Metric-X we are constantly thinking of ways to make life easy for the heavy Excel user.” Says, Saad Shah, founder of Metric-X, “Through our experience working on complex Excel based applications we identified the need and released XLhub in 2010. The latest set of features brings more power and functionality to the enterprise. “

XLhub is designed for the Excel user who has no programming experience, and applications can be built with XLhub in minutes. For large enterprise projects, Metric-X offers a free service to develop a proof of concept of the solution desired.

Located in Perrysburg, Ohio, Metric-X is a 12-year old software technology company. More information at www.xlhub.com. The XLhub marketing manager is Martin Perrine, at 248-601-6400.