The SportsStation Encourages Parents to Learn More About Health and Fitness for Kids

The Tinley Park SportStation wants to inform parents on how to get their children more involved in personal health and fitness, while also informing on how using the correct Sports Equipment can benefit their performance as well.

Online PR News – 09-May-2012 – Tinley Park, Illinois – Parents wonder all the time how they can mold their children into better athletes. They bring them to practice, expect their coaches to create super-star sports heroes, and then bring them home without promoting a healthy lifestyle. What many parents do know realize is in order for their children to become the best athlete’s they can be they must always be in athlete mode. What this means is: the sports figures children idolize didn’t become flawless by practicing, performing, and then stopping. Sports legends continue to practice at home while creating a healthy lifestyle to go along with their fitness regimen. With this being said, the key to improving any young athletes game is by pushing them to live healthier more productive lives at home. Proper nutrition and conditioning plays an essential role in molding young athletes today.

First things first, whatever the child learns at practice can be applied at home in a modified version. Coaches do not expect parents to install a football field in their backyard or a baseball stadium in their living room, but parents are almost oblivious to what really goes on in practice and what muscles need to be strengthened to improve their skills.

The SportStation provides Sporting Equipment to set up at home practice areas for almost any sport, and parents can also talk to their coaches about a conditioning schedule that can be tailor-made specifically for their athlete. It shouldn’t be an insane thought for a parent to walk in on their child doing sit-ups or push-ups in their room. If anything, parents should teach the children what at home conditioning is and why it is so important to always be preparing for the next game.

Endurance is also needed in almost every sport. Running is a great way to improve this and strengthen the athletes so they can last all the way until the very end of every game, competition, or event. If an athlete looks wiped out after every game then they definitely need to strengthen their endurance. On that note, parents wonder how to get children to run when all they want to do is play on their computers and watch their favorite T.V. shows. Parents can always set up a plan with their child athletes and even get involved by going on runs around the neighborhood with them. Parent child involvement is vital in creating a super athlete in today’s society.

SportStation President Jim Garner is very passionate about this topic: “We provide Sporting Goods to promote not only game ready athletes but at home practicing as well. Children are growing and need healthy diets, and working out is a great idea to better their performances as well. The SportStation supports healthy athletes and I want parents to know that using the proper equipment can make all the difference!”

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