KidsLikeThat releases a new book app for kids with a big promotion

KidsLikeThat is running a $800 Facebook photo contest in search of the naughtiest photos of kids. They are promoting their new interactive iPad and iPhone book apps for kids between 2 and 8 years of age.

Online PR News – 08-May-2012 – Singapore – Do you have a kid? Is it sometimes naughty? Then this is for you!

KidsLikeThat is a brand new company, run by parents. We're creating beautiful apps for REAL kids. To stress the "real" part of our philosophy, we're running a Facebook photo contest until 07. June 2012, which calls for photos of naughty kids. If your kid is between 2 and 5 years old and has pulled off something naughty, then it only takes 2 minutes to join the "Naughtiest Kid Contest". It will be fun for you and your kid, plus great prizes are waiting for you.

The idea of the photo contest is to let you share the funniest and most memorable naughty moments of your kids while they grow up. The moments that you'll look back to in a few years and smile. And the moments that might be annoying in the heat of action but are adorable in retrospect.

To encourage great uploads, you can win some pretty nice prizes, such as $800 worth of iTunes vouchers or some beautifully drawn cartoon versions of your kid.

After you go to the KidsLikeThat Facebook Page, there are three easy steps to follow:
1. Pick a naughty photo of your kid (you can even upload right from a Facebook gallery)
2. Briefly tell the story behind the photo
3. Invite your best friends to vote for your photo

And that's it. Total time for participation is no more than 2 minutes. Although it should be added, that browsing the naughty kids photos can be addictive, so plan for some more time!

KidsLikeThat is a company run by parents, passionate about kids. Founded in 2012, it is based in Asia's bustling hub Singapore with a strong tie to Europe. KidsLikeThat creates iPad and iPhone apps that kids love and parents find useful to raise their small ones in a fun and loving way.

Have fun everyone!
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