"NEW Re-launch" - JobListGuy.com Makes Huge Impact on Work At Home Jobs.

JobListGuy.com is happy to announce their "NEW" Job List. JobListGuy.com. provides an impressive service, over 1,000 companies many of which have multiple jobs. There are real jobs out there to be sure, for those that really want to work from home.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – http://JobListGuy.com is happy to announce their "NEW" Job List. JobListGuy provides an impressive service, over 1,000 companies many of which have multiple jobs. There are real jobs out there to be sure, for those that want to work from home. However, beware. There are many people out there selling information on how you can work from home and how you can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Most of them are selling hype and theory... and nothing concrete. There are, unfortunately, many scams out there. JobListGuy is dedicated to research and validation of any online jobs, before they are posted to their "JobListGuy.com list".

“We are receiving overwhelming responses from people seeking a telecommuting job that have found work at home jobs from our NEW list. We have invested 100's of hours in this "New List; It’s truly exciting to be making such a difference in people’s lives and to be helping people achieve their dream of working at home for a real paycheck. With all the different types of jobs, there ought to be something for every WAHM or everyone for that matter.” said Karen J., Spokesperson for http://JobListGuy.com.

We were able to contact a few subscribers of JobListGuy.com. Here's what they said:

Tracie M. (Harrisburg, PA): "You're probably tired, weary, and a little discouraged from searching for TRUE work from home jobs. Trying to find a REAL work from home job is really like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So was I, until I found a job list site that has given me WORK AT HOME, unlike so many I looked at. Well you have come to the right place; you have found that needle!"

Kathryn B. (Columbus, OH): "I'm a student at Ohio State. My major is journalism. It was over a year ago that found JobListGuy.com, when they had what is now the old list. I was looking for a job with flexible hours to fit around my class schedule and I found an amazing job as a blogger from there list. I never thought I'd make money writing a blog. I'v been able to take my writing to the next level in part, due to having been published online. It's been amazing, fits around my class schedule and I still write for the Blog."

Sarah W. (Newfield, NJ): "I had been laid off from a cable company in customer service. My husband's hours were cut back and we started feeling the crunch. I went from unemployed to $12 an hour thanks to JobListGuy.com.! I found steady money from a solid customer service company. It may not sound like much but, we were able to save our house. Thank you!"

JobListGuy.com. is not selling hype or the illusion that you can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams working from home. Their mission is to help you succeed and get that work at home job. http://JobListGuy.com. has done the work for you. http://JobListGuy.com. has compiled a list of these REAL companies and REAL jobs. They logged countless hours of researched of actual companies who hire people to work from home. JobListGuy did this so you can spend your valueble time on applying to jobs.

There are over 1,000 companies on the "NEW LIST" and growing. You'll find jobs like office assistants, inbound call reps, data entry, transcriptionists, bloggers, order processing, tech support, and much more! Each job listing includes the company name and how to contact them, the job title, job description and other information. 99% can be contacted directly through each company's website or via email.

I'm going to give you this link and invite you to browse the website, see the "testimonials". You'll also find useful information and tools to help you in your pursuit of a real work from home jobs.


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