Bernd Geropp Launches 'The Leadership-Check-Tool' For Entrepreneurs And Managers

Free Tool for Business Leaders Helps to Evaluate Time Spend on Leadership

Online PR News – 08-May-2012 – Aachen, Germany – Bernd Geropp's free software tool helps entrepreneurs and managers to record and to evaluate their time spent on leadership. It supports them to understand how much of their time they misuse for urgent operational work instead of focusing on leadership tasks. If they use this tool they get a clear overview per day, per month and per year of what percentage share of their work is really spent on leadership. They can improve by evaluating their time and setting monthly and annual objectives for themselves. This will help them to have more time for leading and motivating employees and more time for reflection on important decisions.

Most executives only have a vague idea how much time they spend on leadership issues. They frequently underestimate how many working hours are spent on unproductive administrative and managerial duties. They should therefore record every day how many hours they spent leading, and how many hours managing. With Bernd Geropp's Leadership-Check-Tool they only need to log two numbers at the end of the day: The hours they spent on leading and the hours they spent on managing. Even if they worked all day long on operational tasks, they will at least recognize this at the end of the day. They can then take steps to schedule their time more effectively for the next day in order to have time for leading. Bernd Geropp says: "Recognition and awareness are the first step towards leadership improvement."

The Leadership-Check-Tool is a preformatted Excel file. It is a straightforward method to evaluate leadership efforts, and to visualize it after days, months and years. The tool can be downloaded free of charge from Bernd Geropp’s website: target="_blank" class="highlight_link">>

Managers will only have enough time for leadership duties if they rigorously delegate, and examine their behavior on a daily basis. Therefore, the Leadership-Check-Tool provides these managers with an overview of how many hours they worked per day, per month and year, and how much of that time they spent leading and managing. This is a helpful daily feedback, letting them know if they are leading enough, or if they have to take corrective action.

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