It is a new trend to download audio books

Those old days of storing books in the dusty shelves and the books getting damaged by termites and other pest are over. With everything going digital these days, the books are no exemption. With the introduction of audio books, reading them and organizing books is just a breeze today according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 13-February-2009 – – Glasgow, February 2009 - “We are living in a digitalized era. With anything and everything going digitals, why should the traditional books be left behind? With the advancement of technology, there are thousands of books available for download today. The main advantage of downloading these kinds of books is that you can organize them properly and you will be able to find them with ease. You don’t have to search all around your book shelves for reading a book. Whenever you feel like reading a book our website is open for you to download audio books” says Mr. Scott Haas of

He added that, “The days of storing boxes and shelves full of dusty old hard-copies of your all time favorite novels and literature are over ;it is time to get with the audio book trend! This is not the day to be left behind or excluded because you are old fashioned or backward in your knowledge and beliefs. When you download audio books, you have the opportunity to learn and grow everyday, with little or no interruption to your normal lifestyle pattern.”

Speaking about the benefits of audio books download, Mr. Scott Haas said, “The enormous advantages of listening to your favorite book instead of reading it, has resulted in the popularity of downloadable audio books which has now gone through the roof. There are now a vast variety of book titles with audio book versions. Just think about it - with downloadable audio books you can now save that extra time you spend reading a chapter on your favorite motivational book each morning before you leave for work. Apart from saving extra time, you are gaining extra knowledge in the process. You can just very simply put the audio book on to play while you prepare for work or even play it in your car on your way to work. No wonder adults, children and even the elderly have fallen head over heels in love with downloadable audio books.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Scott Haas said, “Audio books are more cost effective to produce than hardcover and paperbacks. More so, those who love to conserve nature insist that if all books are audio instead of hardcover and paperbacks, this will save more trees and keep the earth better than it is today.”

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