DebtLESS LLC Launches Its Financial Counseling Company On A Social Networking Platform

An innovative way of conducting financial counseling/planning to optimize financial success.

Online PR News – 08-May-2012 – nottingham – DebtLESS LLC launched its official awareness campaign on April 21, 2012. The campaign took place at CCBC Catonsville in Maryland during a financial expo for financial literacy month. Along with several other Notable people such as the comptroller of Maryland and Representatives from the FDIC and Federal Reserve, the goal was to create more financially literate consumers.

Troy Wiipongwii, Founder/CEO, and Patrick Kramp, Co-Founder/CFO of DebtLESS LLC saw the expo as the perfect time to spread the word of their company. Wiipongwii mentions, "While financial literacy, is an important element, in pursuing financial freedom, it's only as successful as an individuals ability to integrate it in their lifestyle. Our platform makes it possible to do both in a way people already know how."

While financial literacy is an important element in pursuing financial freedom its only as successful as an individuals ability to integrate it in their lifestyle. Our platform makes it possible to do both in a way people already know how.

DebtLESS LLC is the first financial counseling and financial planning company of its kind. It is run exclusively on a social networking platform operated by financial planners and credit counselors. The goal of the company is to help consumers both in and out of debt, manage their finances, get out of debt, and stay out of debt. "Debtless is on a social networking platform so that we can leverage everyone's needs by creating communities among consumers, creditors and local businesses." Mentions Patrick Kramp. The platform creates a unique ability for Consumers and Creditors to communicate, in a friendly environment. Unlike traditional credit counseling agencies, the client is directly involved in their negotiations and their financial counselor is still there to educate them throughout the process as well as help to develop financial goals for success.

Along with the unique platform for consumer/creditor negotiations, DebtLESS LLC has been and will continue to develop partnerships with local businesses, to help community members save on purchases, to ensure they are developing a safety net of savings. These partnerships are also intended to help local businesses develop more loyal costumers in their communities.

DebtLESS LLC strongly states its mission is to not only to transform individuals financial success, but the financial success of communities, which is the only way to ensure long standing financial success. "If our communities are not economically successful due to lack financial responsibility, how can we expect our community members to sustain financial success, The same is true if you flip it around. Therefore, we need to reform our interactions to achieve financial success for the long run. DebtLESS LLC will continue to develop an education system and services to ensure that these obstacles are met." States Troy Wiipongwii.

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It is the mission of DebtLESS LLC to provide a platform for individuals to develop fiscally successful lifestyle's so they may serve as an engine to keep their communities financially healthy and economically competitive. Ultimately the goal is to help community members Debt LESS and live MORE. Personal financial success through fiscally responsible actions, will become the standard for families, communities and countries.

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