Employrium's New HTML5 Website Simplifies Talent Search For Recruiters

Talent search tends to be time consuming for recruiters due to challenging website layouts. Employrium's new website layout saves time with a consistent presentation across browsers, while at the same time streamlining web page drill down as recruiters search for talent.

Online PR News – 08-May-2012 – San Francisco, CA – Employrium, the pioneer of job search real-time continues spring cleaning, with the phased rollout of a new html5 website design. Dressing up for spring is certainly a joyous event that adds even more joy when making life easier in the process. To that end, Employrium begins rollout of a new website look and feel revolving around less is more. Moreover, with the emergence of html5 as a collection of web standards, it just makes sense to take advantage of html5 and, in doing so, pass the benefits along to recruiters who quite often spend large blocks of time with online talent search.

Employrium puts efficiency first such that recruiters spend less time time searching for talent and more time interviewing candidates

Doing more with less is here to stay. Be that as it may, the "less" should not translate to scaled back and scaled down services. Conversely, "Employrium puts efficiency first such that recruiters spend less time time searching for talent and more time interviewing candidates," said Employrium Founder Darryl Carter. The sooner recruiters can get in front of qualified candidates, chances are greater for submitting the qualified person that gets hired.

For most externally outsourced recruiting agencies, a hired candidate means the recruiter and agency are compensated. Unfortunately, recruiters, across virtually every industry, have been forced to spend excessive amounts of time drilling down from page to page to accomplish simple tasks. Doing so, increases metrics for website owners at the expense of the recruiter's time. Fortunately, Employrium embraces simplicity such that a quick search for talent is just that -- quick and to the point.

About Employrium: Since 2004, Employrium has been providing web enabled employment services for the online recruiting and job search community. Leveraging web-enabled services, Employrium provides innovative recruiting and job search services that engage and connect direct employers, candidates, and recruiters.

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