Working Dad Quits Job Of 20 Years to partner with BIZ Global Media

(HBN.COM) David Lundgren announces his new partnership with Biz Global Media (Irvine, CA) a fast growing "Ad Agency" specializing in "Mobile Text Marketing". Mr. Lundgren is excited about the prospect of using his 30 years of digital expertise to expand their "Text Marketing" division - globally.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – Mr. Lundgren was attracted to the "Mobile Text Marketing" industry because he wanted to be a part of an exciting opportunity (700 Cell Phone Carriers in 220 Countries) and be on the ground floor of a unique service that sells itself." Plus, he says, "Our revolutionary "Opt-In" SMS (Text Message) Marketing System defines how "Advertising" is going to be done for years to come!"
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“We are very pleased to have David Lundgren as a member of our Ad Agency Team”, states Al Krauza, President of Biz Global Media, “ His internet and business development skills will definitely play a major role in our international expansion, as BIZ rolls out to 200+ countries.”
Jim Ferras, Biz Global Media, CEO, has established a relationship with over 700 Telcom providers, world-wide to propel the BIZ International Expansion.
Biz Global Media - Another attractive item is the company's long time history in the industry. Using our multi-million dollar Data Center, our "Text Marketing" software allows any business to instantly stay in touch (with their customers) and communicate globally "at the speed of text".

Imagine the power to be able to deliver 100's or 1000's of coupons or special discounts to a "Customer List" (via text) with: 1) Instant Deliverability and 2) Instant Readability (with a 95% + read rate - normally within seconds) unheard of in the normal advertising arena
The final decision factor for Mr. Lundgren in joining Biz Global Media was knowing he would be part of a large and supportive team of "Ad Agency" owners who offer a complete line of professionally designed marketing tools that get proven - duplicatable - results. (Text HBN to 82222)

Ad Agency Growth: With the growth of our "Ad Agency" network, Team Members (Owners) are given the much needed "Time-Freedom" to set their own hours and totally control their income." As Mr. Lundgren points out, "That is the primary reason I joined Biz Global Media. Anyone who is just starting their own online business can quickly see the benefits (and results) of getting paid daily and having a professional marketing team backing you." (It's like having all the A+ students in school taking all of your tests for you!) Text HBN to 82222
David Lundgren is an experienced "Computer System Analyst" who has worked in the computer industry since 1978. Leading the way supervising the development of the Halliburton "Oil Well Digital Logging Division" (on-shore and off-shore) and more recently in support of the "Aegis Weapon / Missile Program" assisting U.S. Navy ships worldwide.