New Guitar Playing Resource Explains How To Write Guitar Solos

New guitar soloing resource is released from Tom Hess and Fabio Lione to show guitar players how to make truly awesome guitar solos.

Online PR News – 07-May-2012 – Chicago, IL – Tom Hess, professional recording artist and guitar player in the epic power metal band Rhapsody Of Fire has created an online resource in order to help guitar players create better guitar solos. This resource approaches guitar soloing with a unique combination of vocal melodies sung by Rhapsody Of Fire singer Fabio Lione and lead guitar playing concepts.

Hess discusses the approach of most guitarists: “It is common for guitar players to struggle with creative lead guitar playing due to a basic misunderstanding of various musical concepts. The truth is that a lot of guitarists spend extra time to improve their technical playing, and as a result, feel a need to utilize their skills during guitar solos. Unfortunately, since the player is focused so heavily on ‘technique’, he/she ends up with guitar solos that are highly technical, but ultimately mediocre due to lack of melody.”

In Hess’s resource he discusses an alternate approach to guitar soloing: “Like most guitarists, I have improved my own lead guitar abilities by listening to my favorite guitarists and learning from them. However, I have also made massive progress in my own guitar playing by emulating the vocal style of my favorite singers. This has helped my guitar melodies immensely, and this is the approach I take when showing other guitarists how to make highly melodic guitar solos.”

He continues: “For example, think about how a regular guitar solo sounds when compared to a singer’s lines during the chorus of a song. For the singer, there is much more focus on using fewer notes to make a great melody, while the guitarist generally plays more notes (using a more technical style). By comparison, the singer’s parts will almost always have a stronger melody. Singers have to make each note a good one, because they are in charge of making each lyric in the song sound great. Guitar players usually approach the notes in their guitar solos in a more carefree manner.”

Many guitar players search online to find lead guitar or guitar solo instructional products. Hess takes issue with the instructional methods of these products: “Nearly all guitar instructors teach lead guitar in the same way. They will essentially throw a bunch of techniques, licks, or riffs at the guitar player, and assume that the player will be able to use them in some way. This approach to teaching lead guitar is totally wrong.” He continues: “If you are a guitar player who is struggling to create great solos or nice lead melodies, the last thing you need is just a bunch of licks thrown at you. Guitarists in this situation must learn how to combine their technical skills together with a great understanding of melody. This is why learning lead guitar with a singer works so well. Singers are experts on melody, and can teach you to make great lead guitar ideas in spite of the fact that they do not even play guitar. By learning this way, you get the best of both worlds as you begin to play better melodies while still utilizing guitar-specific techniques.”

Hess’s resource about how to create guitar solos is available on his website

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