Alexey Koshevoy is back as AirBionicFX CEO

On May 2012 Alexey Koshevoy, the founder of AirBionicFX, is returning to his position as the company CEO. Since 2010 Alexey has been engaged in the development of the new ABFX holding directions, one of which will now be lead by Dmitry Kabakchey, the current AirBionicFX CEO.

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – Ukraine – The change in leadership will be held in a smooth way. Dmitry is completing the on-going projects and continues to lead the long-term projects until they reach the support stage. In regards to the future of AirBionicFX and its numerous expert advisor programming services Alexey Koshevoy states the following: “The company policy remains the same. Our priorities include the development and implementation of new solutions, maintaining the average price level and increasing our customer service level. Contact me personally by email in case you have any questions”.

Background information

Alexey Koshevoy, the founder of AirBionicFX, has been at the position of the company CEO from 2005 to 2010. From 2010 to May 2012 he has been working as the head of ABFX holding development department. Alexey was mainly in charge of developing the new programming services concerning various fields of trading automation programming. On May 3 he returned as AirBionicFX CEO.

Dmitry Kabakchey joined the AirBionicFX team in 2009. Since then he held several positions as metatrader programming specialist and team leader. During the last year he occupied the position of the company CEO. Currently Dmitry is the head of one of the ABFX holding external directions.

AirBionicFX offer Forex trading automation services including metatrader programming. Develop mql4 and mql5 expert advisors and indicators, provide custom integrations with external data sources. Company established in 2005.