Mosquito Shield Launches Pilot Program In Middlesex County, MA

Learn more about Mosquito Shield in a pilot program in Middlesex County, MA, as well as their franchising opportunities by visiting their site at

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – 5/07/2012 – Mosquito Shield is proud to announce their new pilot program available in Middlesex County, MA, which is the most effective and proven mosquito control system available to date. With a specific strategic expansion, they will drive highly targeted direct marketing to prospects in cities and towns throughout Middlesex County, using the knowledge that they receive from their customers last year, providing the best mosquito control program available. With their expansion in the Middlesex County, Mosquito Shield is excited to provide the most dedicated and exclusive elimination processes for all types of bugs, with a focus on mosquitoes.

With this expansion, Mosquito Shield is going to be introducing two different pilot programs for 2012, the first in Middlesex County and the other in Rhode Island. In this manner, Mosquito Shield is hoping to refine and validate their franchising model for the very near future, providing extensive and exclusive opportunities for Northeastern residents. With these pilot programs, customers will be able to take advantage of the Mosquito Shield mosquito control system from last year, as well as using new tactics and new variations.

These tactics and variations are going to be used in these two pilot programs to develop replicable, turnkey models for franchisees, providing a unique service and opportunity to improve the economy in the Northeast. Mosquito Shield's primary zone is in southeastern Massachusetts, and is going to be used as the primary mode for innovation and to develop a model for franchising. For 2012, they will also be launching a new, exciting e-commerce portal, providing search engine marketing, multichannel marketing and much more, lowering acquisition costs

This is extremely exciting news for anyone who wants to start a new business, without an extensive amount of capital in order to do so. With Mosquito Shield, you can take advantage of these marketing strategies and these lower acquisition costs, and discover an innovative, effective franchise, ideal for Northeastern residents. With continual testing for new approaches, innovations and development, Mosquito Shield will provide the product development, support and more that you need to succeed in this franchising opportunity.

With guaranteed results, unsurpassed customer satisfaction and continual testing, Mosquito Shield is the Northeast's premier mosquito control company, that provides a guaranteed protection plan for all types of insects, including black flies, biting midges, mosquitoes and more. This is truly an exciting opportunity, as you will be able to take advantage of a franchise opportunity with New England's proven leader in mosquito and tick control systems and products. They provide only the most effective, innovative and professional solutions, with guaranteed results.

Regardless of your outdoor pest elimination requirements, Mosquito Shield's Mosquito Protection Barrier will turn your property into a mosquito free zone quickly and easily. Regardless of whether you need mosquito control services, or are interested in learning more about how to become a Mosquito franchisee, visit their website at, or contact them toll-free at 877-844-4022. With this exciting franchise opportunity, you are encouraged to learn more about Mosquito Shield today, and take advantage of the most extensive, satisfaction guaranteed mosquito services available in the Northeast.