Click&Scout is preparing for the summer season

Click&Scout, Data Project’s new statistic software for Volleyball, which is both intuitive and user friendly, now allows you to scout a Beach Volleyball match.

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – Italy – Click&Scout is the new statistic scouting software by Data Project. Studied and developed for touch screen devices but can easily be used on all desktop and laptop pc’s with Windows and Mac OS. Click&Scout is ideal for on bench use for an immediate feedback of the progress of the match.

You will be happy to know that the new update allows you to scout a Beach Volleyball match with 2, 3 and 4 players (we even thought about the Green and Sand Volleyball lovers!).

The three meter line is removed and the attack hits, although we have left the standard worldwide codes, have become Powerhit, Shot and Poke, terms that you are all familiar with.

With this new addition, Click&Scout has become a software for all seasons and it can be used all year round. This aims especially to all those volleyball lovers with the need to keep scouting their teams during the summer competitions. The athletes will have objective data straight from the sand!!

Click&Scout can be used with a mouse on any computer with Windows or Mac OS but Click&Scout is at its maximum potential when used on a Windows tablet as it uses its touch screen potential.

Click&Scout just keeps getting better! After a long wait, the next sporting season will finally see Click&Scout for iPad and the statistic world will never be the same again…!

Languages available: English, Spanish and Italian