Preton Launches SaaS Edition of PretonSaver for MPS Providers to Optimize Toner Consumption

New service-based software creates risk-free framework to help Managed Print Service providers reduce printing costs

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Tel Aviv, Israel (May 7, 2012) – Preton, the leading provider of printing cost reduction software, announced today that the company has released a SaaS edition to its PretonSaver™ software. The new SaaS edition of PretonSaver is designed to help Managed Print Service (MPS) providers optimize toner consumption and reduce printing costs in a risk-free framework.

PretonSaver optimizes the amount of toner consumed during printing processes with Preton’s core Pixel Optimizer™ technology that intelligently identifies and removes wasteful pixels without visibly impacting quality. The new SaaS edition of PretonSaver combines the cost savings benefits of Preton’s Pixel Optimizer technology with service-based pricing and advanced cloud-based remote configuration and multiple site management capabilities.
“Photizo Group believes that the real value of PretonSaver SaaS is its ability to be included as an add-on for MPS programs,” said Robert Palmer,
Director of Office Document Solutions at Photizo Group, a leading research and consulting firm in the imaging industry. “The additional toner savings should increase the margins for MPS providers, create more competitive pricing and create an additional differentiator.”

PretonSaver also opens opportunities for MPSs to offer new, flexible pricing schemes based on actual printing patterns by gathering an extensive array of information from all network and local printers for each print job, including page coverage measurements and related printing usage parameters. The information gathered by PretonSaver also includes service alerts and consumables levels, which help an MPS streamline service calls and consumable shipments to customers.

“We are offering the new SaaS edition of PretonSaver as a flexible pay-as-you-print service with no hardware requirements or set up fees,” explained Ori Eizenberg, CEO of Preton. “This creates a risk-free opportunity for MPSs to reduce their printing costs as well as create tremendous flexibility in their pricing capabilities.”

Preton is offering a trial version of the SaaS edition of PretonSaver to qualified Managed Service Providers.

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Preton Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced software for reducing printing costs. Preton’s award winning PretonSaver™ software offers enterprises and SMBs revolutionary savings of up to 70% on toner, ink and paper consumption and associated printing costs. Preton's patent-pending Pixel Optimizer™ technology intelligently identifies and deletes wasteful pixels during printing, providing substantial savings without visibly reducing quality. Preton customers include prominent enterprises in the financial, health care, manufacturing, government, education and technology sectors as well as individual home users.

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