Shoe Company Releases New Christian Inspired Flip Flops That Spreads GOD's Words To Others

A new product, Walk By Faith Christian inspired flip flops allow you to express your faith without saying a word. Their flip flops imprint “GOD LOVES” as you walk in the sand, wet sidewalk, or on any wet surface. Every step you take spreads God’s word to others.

Online PR News – 07-May-2012 – Chandler, AZ – Walk By Faith Flip Flops now offers a new way to testify and remind yourself that God walks with you in your daily life. Walk By Faith designed their new flip flops because, the Company spokesman says “Beautiful feet deserve beautiful shoes! Whether you’re at work or play, Walk By Faith Flip Flops allow you to testify without saying a word. When you walk, you leave the Word of God behind for others to see.”

Not only do the flip flops have a spiritual message inside, reminding Christians to live their lives by God’s Word, the die cut bottom of the flip flops imprint the message, “God Loves”, as you walk by the pool, sand, or even on a damp sidewalk. With Walk By Faith flip flops, Christians now have a new way to express their faith in their daily lives while being reminded and encouraged that God guides each step as we Walk By Faith.

Walk By Faith is a Christian owned company. When asked about their new product, one member answered, “Walk By Faith Christian Flip Flops are an extension of the company and what it stands for. The company is passionate about spreading the Word of God.” Walk By Faith operates on the principle found in Corinthians 5:7, “We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight!"

A Christian company, Walk By Faith is a company passionate about serving God and spreading His Word. Their mission is to serve God in all things and help those in need.

Living a Christian lifestyle is more than just going to church on Sunday. Walk By Faith flip flops remind Christians to live it in their work, their home, and in how they treat others every day.

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