Logix9.com Seeks to Reduce Social Marketing Confusion Among Small Business Owners

A new study finds that, while social marketing is growing more prominent all the time, many marketing managers and small business owners are confused about how best to implement it.

Online PR News – 06-May-2012 – Phoenix, AZ – In this day and age, it might seem like it goes without saying that social marketing is important. Indeed, large marketing departments and small businesses alike are using social networks to market more often than ever. In spite of this, a new report finds that many marketing decision makers are confused or uncertain about just how effective their own social marketing strategies truly are. The study reveals that, while more than 75% of those surveyed say they are implementing some kind of social marketing tactics, only one in ten say they have any way of determining how effective those tactics really are. In light of this, a company called Logix9.com has announced a new series of Web-based training courses, focused solely on the important strategies and techniques that make for effective social marketing.

Logix9.com is a company devoted to providing technical training with a business focus. The company was founded by professionals from the online marketing world, and their target audience is small business owners—particularly those who have little or no prior experience in digital marketing. Logix9.com provides online training courses that small business owners can take in their spare time. These training courses all involve the use of online technology to expand profits and increase conversions.

The new social marketing courses are the same way. These tutorials highlight the tips and techniques needed to use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social networks in ways that powerfully, effectively improve a business’ bottom line. And like the other training courses provided by Logix9.com, the social media classes are made to be accessible to those with no previous experience in the field.

These are hardly the first or only classes offered by Logix9.com. The company also offers training in such fields as Web design, basic HTML, blogging, affiliate marketing, and more. Customers can pick and choose the courses that interest them the most, and takes the courses at their leisure. Most of them are based on simple online videos.

In recent months, however, Logix9.com has placed more and more of its focus on social marketing, and these new course offerings are a result of that. Where many small business owners are increasingly embracing social networking as an important way of generating business, many of them remain uncertain about how to use social marketing efficiently and cost-effectively, and how to monitor and evaluate the progress of a social marketing campaign. Logix9.com’s new courses seek to provide straightforward answers to these questions.

An Internet-based educational resource, Logix9.com provides instruction to small business owners. This program offers a variety of videos that individuals can view on their own time, allowing them to fit learning into their already busy schedules. The training modules presented cover a variety of topics, including web design, Internet marketing (including social media marketing), ecommerce, and more. To benefit users, each skill presented by the Logix9.com system is developed in an effort to improve the bottom line of small businesses.