Tikibone Announces SketchPad Pro Fundraiser On Kickstarter

Tikibone, LLC, is an innovative software applications company that is bringing attention to its first iPad app, SketchPad Pro, by using Kickstarter to obtain project funding.

Online PR News – 07-May-2012 – Chicago, il – Chicago, IL –tikibone, LLC, is an innovative software applications company that is bringing attention to its first iPad app, sketchpad pro, by using kickstarter to obtain project funding.

Tikibone, LLC, is a iPad app development company that specializes in the creation and design of new software apps that are beneficial to artists and other media creators as the apps actually work to make the creative process easier. The company has developed its first product, SketchPad Pro, and is seeking help to bring it to the market by conducting a project fundraiser on Kickstarter. Sketchpad Pro is a fun and easy app to help artists and filmmakers create a storyboard for the iPad. This app is a convenient, visual way that assists in the planning of ideas and scenes for visual projects such as films. Its feels and functions just like the familiar concept of traditional storyboarding, but utilizes a unique interface that is unlike anything that artists or filmmakers have ever experienced before. SketchPad Pro is an invaluable tool for many users; including storyboard artists, cartoonists, directors, cinematographers, camera assistants, independent film makers, video hobbyists, student filmmakers and many more who are all looking for an app that makes creating content for theatrical films, scripted television, documentary and reality television, theater plays, and long or short form projects fun and easy!

Sketchpad Pro has many features that help make content creation fun and easy for everyone. In addition to making it easy for users to take projects with them anywhere in the world, it has numerous other features that benefit almost any type of user. Just a few of the helpful innovative features of the app include a full screen work space with UI-on-demand with 4:3, 16:9, and 2.35:1 Screen Reference, frame positioning with zoom and pan so that users can see while working in details, quality preset tools such as pencil, pen, markers, airbrush and erasers and the ability to adjust brush characteristics, including size and opacity, and many more! Content creation is easy with this app as it comes with scene script for action/dialogue/FX and makes it easy to manage content and create and edit at will with storyboard branding to add production logos and names at ease. Flipframe enables users to flip through the project scene by scene with scripts. With this app users can create unlimited projects, unlimited chapters, unlimited scenes or reorder or Export chapters, scenes and projects at will. Created content can even be shared with collaborators, friends, fans, project managers and more as it can be emailed as a PDF, and users can import or export via iTunes File Sharing with high resolution export-each frame size is a stunning detail rich 2048 x 1536!

To bring this truly innovative and beneficial project to market, Tikibone LLC., needs the help of fans and creators around the world, this is why the company has listed the app with Kickstarter. The SketchPad Pro project will only be funded if at least $20,000 is pledged by Thursday May 31, 3:13am EDT at Kickstarter. Tikibone is offering several incentives to individuals who back the project. Donors of $25 of more will receive a personalized thank you card from Tikibone, and 1 copy of SketchPad Pro for the iPad. Donors of $50 or more receive the same benefits as those that donate $25, plus are listed on the company’s website as sponsors. Donors of $100 or more receive all of the earlier benefits of other donors plus a Tikibone Donor T-Shirt and a second copy of the app. $500 donors receive all of the earlier benefits of other donors as well as a small limited edition SketchPad's Moleskin Storyboard Notebook, inclusion in the official credits for the app and a total of 5 copies of the app. Donate $1,000 or more and receive all of the earlier offers as well as a 2 Sketchpad Pro Branded Stylus Pen Set and 10 copies of the app. For those donors who make the ultimate commitment to this amazing software app, they receive all of the earlier benefits plus Tikibone's limited edition signature pendant necklace hand carved out of whale bone by Polynesian artist Tatafu Langi! These donors will also receive 20 copies of the SketchPad Pro app.

To learn more about the new SketchPad Pro app please visit the fundraising drive on Kickstarter or visit the company’s website at www.tikibone.net.

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Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/rotrier/sketchpad-pro-a-filmmakers-storyboard-for-the-ipad target="_blank" class="highlight_link">http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rotrier/sketchpad-pro-a-filmmakers-storyboard-for-the-ipad
TikiBone Site: http://www.tikibone.net

About Tikibone, LLC, and The SketchPad Pro app

Tikibone, LLC, is a software apps company created by Roger Trier. Trier has been a storyboard artist for more than 2 decades, and his impressive resume includes years of work at Disney and he is known for his obsession with interactive design and development.

Scott Ahten is an freelance iOS developer and expert and started his career as a 3D model animator. He currently spends most of his time working to perfect the Sketchpad for the iPad. In his free time, he is a VJ, most recently at venues that include the Hard Rock Café and Universal Studios in Orlando.

Roger and Scott met 20+ years ago when they were both starting out as 3D modelers and animators. A year and half ago, when Roger saw the potential of storyboarding for the iPad (First Gen), he knew Scott would be just as excited about a storyboarding app. Sketchpad has received overwhelming support from users around the world. In a real way, Roger and Scott are making Tikibone’s mission a reality: make a unique, innovative software app that individuals can actually use to improve their creative process.

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