Upgraded and Improved-thepaintballsniper.com

thepaintballsniper.com has been revamped and had products and specials added to make the shopping experience more fun and cost beneficial.

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – This is a great website that has been open since 2003. The site recently went through an overhaul and improved the look and feel of the website. The categories were put in front view and pictures were added to make the site more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate to where you really want to go.

The main niche of this website is supplying the needs of the paintball sniper and the store still excels in this area. They have however added new products lines that are not specific to the sniper but rather to every paintballer of any level of expertise. Along with these new products are outstanding prices that can't be found anywhere else on the web. A link to the blog has also been added. The blog offers a weekly featured product that has an unbeatable sale price, tips and strategies of paintball, and coupons that can be used on the main shopping site. These coupons are above and beyond the already great prices on the website and make for unmatched deals especially when you throw in the free shipping that is also offered for most orders.

So not only can paintball snipers go here to stock up on any supplies they may need but now the average paintballer can use the site and blog to find some of the best deals on the net. You will find these deals on paintballs, markers, kits, packages, camo, and even landmines.