Over $1.5 million medical supplies into Haiti brought in by Global Village Champions

Global Village Champions Brings Over $1.5 Million In Medical Supplies to Haiti

Online PR News – 23-February-2010 – – February 22, 2010—Haiti’s medical supplies were destroyed in the collapse of Haiti’s hospital as a result of January’s devastating earthquake. Haiti’s remaining medical supplies quickly diminished due to the increased use and need to help victims. At a time when Haiti medical supplies are in high demand, Global Village Champions and Villagers brought over $1.5 million in medical supplies to the devastated country.

Global Village brought Haiti medical supplies in truckloads filled with suitcases and boxes. Approximately 60 emergency surgery suitcases were packed with pain medications, antibiotics, anesthetics, sutures and gauze. Each suitcase was fully packed with all the medical supplies necessary to perform an emergency surgery.

The supplies brought to Haiti also included enough equipment for three thousand major and minor surgeries, fungus infection, mite and lice treatments, pain medications and antibiotics, and rehydration treatments. Global Village provided enough rehydration salts for 2,000 treatments.

Global Village brought Haiti medical supplies to treat the children as well. They provided children’s asthma treatments and inhalers, wipes and diapers. Large bags of soy protein supplements, each bag containing enough for four people, were brought along with individual sterile baby bottles.

In addition to bringing Haiti medical supplies, Global Village has provided Haitians with six million meals and 2,600 liters of bottled water.

Global Village Market has supplied Haiti with much needed food, fresh water and medical supplies. The $1.5 million in medical supplies brought to Haiti were all in the form of real supplies. Global Village does not provide financial support, they provide only necessary items. “We are not a charity, every single dime goes to the end user,” according to Yank Barry, founder of Global Village Champions and Villagers.

Global Village works in close connection with the Bahamas Red Cross, Rotary International, Salvation Army and the Haiti Red Cross to provide Haiti with much needed medical supplies and support for their earthquake relief efforts. Global Village Champions has been providing meals, medical supplies, school supplies, power generators and basic shelter to those in need worldwide for over 17 years.

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Global Villagers deliver real aid – meals – and have proven our ability to take food wherever it is needed. We do not deliver financial aid. We deliver life-sustaining nutrition. For more information about how you can help, please visit us at http://www.gogvm.com or email us at adaywithouthunger@gmail.com