Future Office Equipment Ltd Launch New Office Seating

Future Office Equipment Ltd the Lancaster based office solutions business are pleased to announce the launch of a new ergonomic chair to add to their extensive office seating range.

Online PR News – 22-February-2010 – – As you sit there at your desk, reading the latest news sent to you by Future Office, are you sitting comfortably?
Take a moment or two to adjust your seat and think about the way you sit in your office chair. Do you have any aches and pains – tensions or strains – can we help you to alleviate them?

Neil Tranter our Sales Director has 18 years experience in the ergonomic chair market. He has given advice to hundreds, if not thousands of office workers over this time and our Mesh Posture Chair comes to you with his highest recommendation. It may not be one of the cheapest operator chairs available on the market – but it has all the style, functionality and comfort you could hope for to make your many hours of work behind the desk, so much more bearable, even pleasant!?.

Mesh chairs are so popular that we are hoping to automate the ordering process for them soon by bringing you an ecommerce option linked to our website. In that way we will be able to process your orders more quickly and deliver them by courier to sites all over the UK. Look out for news of this availability on our website in the future.

People are all different shapes and sizes and all have different roles and requirements. Understanding ergonomics and the role it plays in the office is essential. After the common cold, backache is the greatest cause of absenteeism in the UK and a major cause is incorrect posture and more importantly, unsuitable office workplace seating. The cost of one week's salary will often cover the cost of high grade seating.

Office seating should provide good back support and have the ability to be easily adjustable to the correct working height. It is important that elbows sit at the same height as the keyboard and feet are placed comfortably, flat on the floor.

More information about this chair, or the Erogohuman and soon to be launched Ergohuman Plus Mesh chairs – with even higher specification for use up to 24 hours per day are available from Future Office http://www.future-office.co.uk.