Beeco Electronics Launches Range of Domestic Heaters

Life without domestic heaters in a cold region is unimaginable. Various kinds of heaters are used for various purposes in houses around the world.

Online PR News – 07-May-2012 – Chandigarh – Life without domestic heaters in a cold region is unimaginable. Various kinds of heaters are used for various purposes in houses around the world. Beeco Electrics has entered the market with a whole new range of domestic heaters that are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the average user. This well-known manufacturer of heaters has taken this giant step to enter a whole new market and reach to a larger target audience. While introducing their new range of heaters, the senior person of the company said, "We aim to enter each and every house hold with our new range of heaters. The idea behind launching this range is to extend our consumer network and also introduce us as a consumer friendly company. The range includes water heaters, air heaters, tubular heater, oil heater and so on."

The domestic heaters are becoming increasingly popular in the cold regions because of the climatic changes. The life of the people gets disturbed to a great extent due to the various effects of cold. Not only water and oil get frozen but also the air turns unbearably cold. Thus the importance and usage of heaters of various kinds become more of a necessity. The modern day houses come with built in heaters of various kind keeping the comfort of the families living there. The modern range of heaters introduced can even be installed in old homes and made available to all the houses. "We are not only aiming at a small group of customers who can afford huge, expensive and stylish heaters. We are keeping in mind the average consumer. This is the large market for us and we would like to pose ourselves as the affordable comfort in the field of domestic heaters", explained the company person when asked about their target market.

The Manager of Beeco Electronics went on to explain, "The oil heater, water heater, air heater, tubular heater and other heaters are created with lot of thinking. They are sleek, trendy and made with the most innovative technology. The materials used in the manufacturing are of very high grade and are used keeping in mind the climatic conditions found in cold regions. Even in the harshest conditions the domestic heaters and their accessories will not be damaged. Instead you will be investing is a long time comfort which is very durable." With this launch the company is aiming to build a great deal of reputation and revenue.

The domestic heater market is growing day-by-day and improving leaps and bounce. Numerous technological and scientific advancements are adopted to make the life of the consumers easy and comfortable. The work done by domestic heaters is very much different from that of industrial ones. The requirements and needs of household heating are entirely different. Hence they are designed keeping in mind such specific needs. The two major criteria one must check prior to buying a domestic heater are efficiency and durability. For more information please log on to