Property and Document Protection Made Easy with Snapesafe Fire and Gun Vaults

Deaths and damage from fires are the fifth most common cause of unintentional injury deaths in the United States (CDC) and the third leading cause of property damage. One of the best ways to minimize loss of property and valuables is to protect them with a fire safe.

Online PR News – 22-February-2010 – – Port St Lucie, PA ( Onlineprnews ) February 22, 2010 - A fire might end up causing not only physical damage but also could result in severe losses to property and possessions and it is notable that a civilian fire injury is reported every 31 minutes. The USA suffered material losses amounting to an estimated $15,478,000,000 in 2008. One sure way to protect your belongings like your most vital documents, your expensive jewellery and all that you consider valuable is to buy a fire safe ( that can guarantee that your belongings stay protected in the eventuality of a home fire. Even the best protected homes might become vulnerable to fire when somebody or the other choose to ignore safety precautions, be it adults or children or else it could be an accidental short circuit or an overheated home appliance that could result in home fires.

A fireproof component vault, like the ones made by SnapSafe fire protection offers full 1-hour protection against temperatures up to 2300ºF. While no safe is totally fire proof, if you intend to protect your documents using a fire safe, the internal temperature of the fire safe should remain below 350°F in case of a fire. One of the advantages with using a SnapSafe is that when heated, its door seals expand 20-times to protect against damage due to fire, water and smoke. Average home fires peak at 800 - 1200 degree F though paper chars at 402°F.

Snapesafe fire safes ( are delivered to home in knocked down pieces that can be assembled without much difficulty. The patented SnapSafe "Latch Wall" system locks together in minutes with no bolts to tighten. Snapsafe fire safes are available in a variety of sizes to suit your home and office needs. Briefing the press, Mr. Mark Thomas. Spokes person of Snapsafe says, “Snapsafe offers the security of a conventional, welded safe in an easy-to-assemble valuables and closet gun vault that moves anywhere piece-by-piece, then latches together in minutes with no tools and the Latch Wall Assembly is Patented. Measuring 60” high and 17”deep, Titan home fire safes fit in any closet, so that you can keep it out of sight, giving your documents, valuables, firearms and jewelry protection from fire and theft. It is also Sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant as it comes with a 3/16” solid steel door.” Some of Snapsafe fire safe can hold up to 10 long guns and come with Sargent & Greenleaf ® digital lock. It also is available in a Spring-loaded relocker and in Powder coated finishes. The fireproofed Lined interiors have adjustable shelves depending on storage requirements and come with a Full-year warranty.

Edward J. McGunn, the founder of Snapsafe is a third generation safe builder who has designed and built unique safes and security products for government, commercial and home applications. Snapsafe is one of the leading producers of fire vaults and gun safes ( in the USA.