Marketing Consultant, David Whitehouse Secures Contract with the Alarm Monitoring Company

David Whitehouse has secured his first contract helping the Alarm Monitoring Company to dominate their market online.

Online PR News – 22-February-2010 – – David Whitehouse, a marketing consultant from North Yorkshire, has today secured a contract with the alarm monitoring Company to help increase the number of customers they are currently acquiring through their website, and hopefully make cost savings in the process. David, who has been working in Internet marketing since 2006, said, "I'm very pleased to be working with the Alarm Monitoring Company and I really like the products they are offering, they offer far more value than their competitors' products. I'm looking forward to helping them increase sales through the web and taking a bite out of their competitors' market share!"

AMCO provide an alarm monitoring service, a niche market in the security industry. monitored alarms are a very unique product in that when a break in occurs, the sensors trigger off an alarm at the 24 hour security monitoring center, allowing staff to contact the police, contact the owners and even speak to the criminals themselves, with the aim of deterring them. Because of such a fast response compared with normal burglar alarms, many burglars are caught and there is a chance of prosecution, especially with the monitored CCTV systems.

David's first aim will to be increase the amount of search traffic the Alarm Monitoring Company are getting through Google. Les Quigley, Chairman of the Alarm Monitoring Company, had this to say: "We're really pleased to have David work as a marketing consultant, and help ensure the Alarm Monitoring Company continues to grow, and increase its position as a leading provider of the best monitored alarm systems across the UK! We're particularly excited to grow our monitored burglar alarm coverage across London, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester, as these areas have been identified as having high-crime rates."

The Alarm Monitoring is a company in York which provides alarm installation as part of an ongoing alarm monitoring service, run by Chairman Les Quigley.

David Whitehouse is a marketing consultant from North Yorkshire, he has particular experience in the field of Internet marketing and SEO.

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