(New York) Feb. 23, 2010 Danielle Assante of The Sweat Zone announces the development of The Plyo-thenics Workout Program on DVD.

The Sweat Zone Plyo-thenics Workout will take you beyond basic conditioning, and gives you everything you need to surge past the competition.

Online PR News – 21-February-2010 – – We are very excited to completing our first company workout DVD The Plyo-thenics Workout. It's been 2 years in the making and is slated to be finished next month and ready for release in May 2010," announced Danielle Assante, owner of The Sweat Zone.

Calisthenics exercise are also known as body strengthening exercises used to increase body strength, endurance and flexibility using the weight of your own body for resistance.Plyometrics is a type of exercise using explosive movements to develop muscular power, esp. bounding, hopping, and jumping. "I've combined both exercise styles to create a high intensity program that uses your own body weight to get fit", Assante added.

You won't need weights, machines or props to get in shape with this no-nonsense exercises. The Sweat Zone Plyo-thenics workout demonstrates various regimens for both beginners and experts that rely on body weight as resistance.The Sweat Zone Plyo-thenics workout will take you from beginner's to advanced fitness levels using simple movements and stretches that can be done without the use of any special weights or equipment. It's loaded with basic core strengthening calisthenics and progressively complex intermediate and advanced plyometric exercises that will help you improve your strength, power, and speed. You can create and customize your own 12-week Plyo-thenics workout by choosing exercises from the three categories of the training continuum for a total body workout, or group the exercise to target the specific body segments you want to work on most: lower body, trunk, and upper body. These principles have worked for hundreds of elite athletes, including intercollegiate and professional football and basketball players, world-class volleyball players and cross-country skiers, professional and Olympic cyclists, marathon runners, and athletes of all ages.

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