EssayEmpire launches new paper writing service

EssayEmpire, a custom paper writing company, now launches new service – comparison essay writing. The company offers students from all over the world to buy essays thus reducing their studying workload.

Online PR News – 21-February-2010 – – EssayEmpire believes that the addition of the new service will benefit its customers and help choosing the needed type of an essay when buying it.

Comparison essays or compare-and-contrast essays are quite a frequent type of assignments given to the students in colleges and schools. Comparison and contrast is something all people do on everyday basis without even noticing it. For example, when renting a car a person, without any awareness, determines which one is more appealing to him or her judging by size, design, color, price etc. We may say that comparison is looking for similarities, whereas contrasting is looking for differences.

One way of comparing two things is using analogies. Analogies are used for presenting similarities using seemingly different things. One may compare the techniques lions use when hunting a bull with techniques football players use to seize the ball. But, the analogy can only go so far. Sooner or later, the comparison stops working and a point, carefully planned by writer, may be lost. Mainly, analogies are used for making writing more interesting and attention-grabbing for the reader.

The first step of the writer is finding a good topic for the future compare-and-contrast essay. This step is crucial. The writer’s goal is to find something interesting and important at the same time. After having selected an appropriate topic, the writer should ask him/herself two very important questions. Would the audience enjoy reading this essay? Would the reader discover something new from this essay? If the answers are "No," the writer should pick a different topic. The following instructions can be helpful in writing a compare-and-contrast essay essay:

The writer should clearly organize the basis of the comparison or contrast. The purpose of the essay should be presented in the first paragraph with a clear thesis statement. The writer can use more than one paragraph for the introduction, but s/he must make sure that the reader will be well prepared for the discussion.

The writer should decide what points s/he is determined to write about. As the writer evaluates the thesis statement, s/he should decide the best way to accentuate the point of the discussion. Is he or she going to concentrate on similarities, differences, or both? For example, when writing about two people, the writer should decide on what s/he’s going to use for comparison/contrast; their background, personalities or underlying ambition.

The writer should use a lot of description. He or she should describe the subjects as clearly as possible, giving an equal amount of detail to both subjects, for the reader to form a fair opinion.

The conclusion should summarize the thesis the writer was going for and not sound similar to the introduction.

The writers should remember that the best way to learn to write good compare-and-contrast essay is practice, practice, and more practice. EssayEmpire employs experienced academic writers, who follow all the instructions provided by the customer and are able to write an excellent comparison essay.