Reputation Professor LLC Offers Reputation Management And Other Programs

Reputation Professor LLC specializes in Reputation Management services. In addition, it also offers Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Web 2.0 Development services to its clients. The strategies they offer will put your brand on search engines and increase traffic of qualified visitors to your website on a long term basis.

Online PR News – 21-February-2010 – – Reputation Professor LLC, ( a leading organic social media optimization and marketing firm specializing in Reputation Management, offers strategies that will help your business maximize its return on investments.

This is what their spokesperson had to say, “Our clients take advantage of our expert Reputation Management services and proven organic social media strategies, and find their online businesses on page one of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.”

The spokesperson further added that they had a diverse customer base and provided solutions that fit an organization’s needs irrespective of the nature of the organization and the industry it operated.

Reputation Professor also provides associated White Hat Social Media Optimization, Brand Management, and other Brand Marketing Services.

As part of their services, they offer Personal Branding, Personal Reputation Management, Online Identity Management (OIM), Brand Reputation Management, Internet Reputation Management, Web Reputation Management, Reputation Monitoring, Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

According to Reputation Professor, competitors, political groups, unhappy consumers, along with disgruntled employees may post negative information about your company. Through their SERM program involving social media marketing and social media optimization, they “manage and control damaged identities and reputations on the Internet.”

Their ORM program helps manage your online reputation or brand. This is important as people are increasingly basing their decision to buy on what they read online. They do this through marketing and public relations. This helps displace negative publicity, increase positive online presence as well as search engine ranking.

Reputation Professor is convinced that Reputation Management is critical to your business as there are financial implications. They can help you prevent losses in your business and bring about success for your organization. It can be beneficial to an individual, as well, especially where their careers are concerned.

People who do online purchases are influenced by user reviews. 90% of these buyers agree that they trust such reviews. They base their decision to buy on what other customers have to say about various brands online; including their experiences about customer services, among others.

Corporate and executive recruiters also research prospective candidates through online sources. They turn down candidates based on what they find about them. This is why corporate job seekers would do well to improve their reputation online.

This is where Reputation Professor says Personal Branding is handy. It involves online image management for generating a positive and respectable online presence. This could be done through participation in blogs, personal web sites, social media, pictures or videos, where the presence of an organization or an individual could be reflected positively.

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