Reading Diet Reviews Helps Georgia Woman Find The Best Weight Loss Diet

Most dieters have had multiple failures and so it's important to read diet reviews to avoid another failed diet.

Online PR News – 21-February-2010 – – Lilburn, Georgia. February 19, 2010 – The US spends $100 million dollars per day on dieting and 97% of those who lose weight on a diet regain that weight in less than a year ... and usually with more pounds added. Part of the reason for this horrifying failure is that we're looking for the best weight loss diets but we don't take the time to consider our natural inclinations when making this important choice.

"I failed at dieting again and again," explains Sydney Johnston, "until I invested the time in reading numerous diet reviews so that I could find diets that not only were effective but were agreeable to me. For instance, I really don't like meat, so a diet that relies on heavy usage of animal products - like Atkins or the Zone - is a total waste of my time. I'd never stick with it!"

Johnston's research has paid off because she has easily lost six pounds and is following a vegetarian diet that promises significant weight loss along with improved health. The last thing that any overweight person needs is another weight loss failure and without making careful choices that unfortunate failure is almost certain.

Johnston has posted some of her diet reviews online and many more are coming. Anyone who is looking for their best weight loss diet is invited to read some of the humorous and thorough diet reviews. Spend the time to carefully considering your options before jumping into any diet for the sake of your precious – and irreplaceable – body.

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Sydney Johnston is a 66 year old entrepreneur who creates information products on alternative health, youthing and natural healing.

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