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02/21/2010 has made it much easier for music lovers to find their favorite videos, even the most controversial ones that are difficult to find elsewhere. They have an easier navigation process to make downloading much easier and faster. This site is an asset not only for passionate music enthusiasts but also average music lovers too.

Online PR News – 21-February-2010 – – has made it much easier for music lovers to find their favorite videos, even the most controversial ones that are difficult to find elsewhere. They have been very consistent in expanding their database of the best music videos on their portal. Recently, there has been plenty of new features.

Try searching for a music video portal on Internet and you will be bombarded with thousands of search engine results, every portal claiming to be the best. But, most of them disappoint you because very few of them have been consistent in providing quality along with quantity. FMV on the other hand has been regularly expanding their database of the best music videos without compromising with the quality factor. They seem to be committed to make this portal a one-stop unique resource for all kinds of music videos, even the rarest ones. No wonder why has been rising so fast on the popularity chart. Justifying its name, the site has become one of the most favorite places on Internet for those who eat, drink, and live music.

With the rapid expansion of their database, they now have the largest collection of hip hop music videos - not only the latest and all time favorite ones, but also the oldest, the least-listened, the most controversial, and rare ones. Reports say that FMV has emerged as one of the most popular sites on Internet for those hunting for their favorite hip hop videos. However, the site is now more focused in boosting the variety of music videos. Their new collections are very much likely to attract all kinds of visitors from various age groups.

According to one of the admin members of, they keep track of the kind of videos their visitors try to hunt for by using their search box and they try to add new videos accordingly in order to meet the demands of their loyal viewers. They also said that the larger collections and the more advanced features they have been working on are actually their way to thank their viewers for their love and appreciation for FMV.

The new features they have added recently have actually turned the portal into a heaven for music lovers. The navigation process has now become much easier and downloading much faster. In the last couple of months they have significantly improved their services, turning into one of the rare breeds on the World Wide Web, where people can find a huge collection of music videos in almost all genres. A remarkable thing about FMV is that it is not one of those conventional non-quality video stuffed sites. Unlike their counterparts, they do not provide low-resolution videos. They seem to be more focused on providing quality along with quantity, which is something that gets them an edge over other music portals.

Another thing that must be appreciated is that is only about music. They have not mixed music with unwanted junk. So, one can download favorite music video and mp4 files without such worries. The site looks highly promising, not only for the most passionate enthusiasts but also for an average music lover.