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Bharatbook added a new report on "Mobile Broadband 2010-2015: A growing market requiring investment and sustainable support to fulfill burgeoning demand" which gives development in Mobile Broadband.

Online PR News – 20-February-2010 – – Mobile Broadband 2010-2015: A growing market requiring investment and sustainable support to fulfill burgeoning demand

Mobile broadband looks set to overshadow fixed line broadband in terms of popularity. Despite the recession, demand for mobile broadband has remained on an upward curve. Can you afford to stand back and take no action, whilst others do? It is imperative that action is taken quickly and effectively in order to benefit from this thriving market before it's too late. ( )

Mobile operators can no longer solely rely on income from traditional avenues such as voice and SMS. Revenue from voice services in particular is declining as mobile penetration increases. Constantly operators require new methods of generating revenue. What role will mobile broadband services play in operator strategy?

Connectivity has become more and more important to people in their everyday lives. This has been aided by the rising popularity of social networks and the decreasing cost of mobile data. Both business and consumer users are now eager to keep in contact with others and have information readily available to them when required. How will the rising volume of data traffic affect network performance? What measures can be taken to counter these issues?

Traditional broadband has its limitations; it is restricted to where the network is in place and as such can not be used while on the move. Mobile broadband thus has the potential to provide internet access to people previously unconnected. It is also appealing to a range of new users attracted by the mobility it offers over fixed line broadband. How will the mobile broadband market progress in comparison to fixed line broadband? Will mobile broadband be viewed as a complementary or substitute service?

Of course, there will be obstacles for providers to overcome if they are to successfully offer mobile broadband. Technology, for example, will have to be continuously improved in order to meet customer expectations. Pricing and other service options must also be considered. How will prices on offer remain competitive whilst upgrades to networks are carried out? What options are available to providers?

Reading this exclusive management report will provide you answers to the following questions:

* How has the mobile broadband market developed? How will it develop further in the future?
* What are the market drivers for mobile broadband?
* What barriers exist?
* What are the key technologies?
* What strategies are being implemented by operators?
* How will mobile broadband affect fixed broadband?
* What is the role of bundles with mobile broadband?
* How is Wi-Fi being bundled with mobile broadband and to what effect?
* In which geographical regions will mobile broadband be most successful?
* What does the future hold in terms of technology used and service strategy?

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