New Survey Reveals Britons Are Desperate To Move Abroad

A new survey has revealed that young Britons are keen to escape overseas for more opportunities, better living standards and cheaper taxation.

Online PR News – 17-June-2009 – – A new survey has revealed that young Britons are keen to escape overseas for more opportunities, better living standards and cheaper taxation.

The survey commissioned by Foreign Currency Direct found that 58 per cent would go abroad for a better work life balance than what they can achieve in the UK.

Over twelve hundred British workers across the UK were surveyed to determine how large a percentage of the British population is dissatisfied with their life in the UK, and would they contemplate escaping this ‘great’ nation of ours for a new life elsewhere.

Almost a quarter of the twelve hundred British workforce questioned by the survey are already actively considering moving abroad within the next two year, to live and work somewhere where they can have better quality of life potentially, where they can enjoy the expat tax advantages potentially available to them, and where they can perhaps even enjoy cheaper living costs.

And the largest numbers of those actively planning an escape were in the 18-30 brackets. As a result of the hike of tax to 50 per cent, 31 per cent of those surveyed declared that they would go abroad to seek out better taxation advantages.

In fact, out of the over 60’s age group surveyed, 40 per cent advised that they would contemplate moving abroad to save tax on their pension payments.

With so many of us considering that big move abroad, many of us forget the reams of paperwork and tasks that need to be complete before setting sale. Moving all your personal belongings abroad can be a stressful and drawn out process and can often put people off moving abroad at all.

However, there are wide ranges of overseas removals companies that can help you get from A to B with no hassle or fuss.

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For example, given the added complexities of international movers, our International Moving Division is a centre of excellence dedicated solely to international moving.

As an overseas removals company, Robinsons provide sophisticated packing and shipping for their customer’s personal belongings, from the initial planning stages to the arrival on destination.

Robinsons organise the delivery to the port, shipping of their customers goods, organising the goods to be picked up from the destination port and finally delivered to their new home.

Guidance and information is provided by Robinsons removals firm for international movers. The team can provide customers with a time frame for when their personal belongings will arrive at their new destination. International movers can track the movement of their belongings at any point during the shipping, providing comfort and peace of mind for customers.

Robinsons are fully aware that the business world takes people around the globe, with companies expanding their horizons into other countries and merging with others. With a lot of planning involved in the removal of goods, most people generally don’t know where to start and where they are going to find the time to do it.

With Robinsons, international movers can be assured that their belongings are in safe hands, with a team of specialist packing and distributing experts on hand to ensure the efficient and smooth delivery of your products to their final destination.

If you are looking to move your office abroad, Robinsons deal with office removals to make sure your goods arrive in one piece. Their website offers an array of information about overseas removals, as well as free advice for moving abroad, what to do when you get there, jobs, schools and transport, to help get you started.

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