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HP Laptops are bundled with multiple software packages on purchase, some of which users would have no need of. These programs, called ‘bloatware’, cause system drag and consume valuable memory.

Online PR News – 26-April-2012 – 7950 NW 53rd Street, Suite 337, Miami – Hewlett Packard is one of the leading manufacturers of laptops and desktops the world over. HP laptops combine sleek, innovative designs with the latest programs and robust hardware to deliver efficient and impressive performance to business as well as home users. However, as with any device, HP laptops could face unexpected errors or system malfunction. HP technical support provided by well-qualified technicians at SupportMart Technical Services can help resolve such issues.

HP laptops come pre-loaded with several software packages on purchase. These include standard third party software such as Microsoft Office suite, Adobe PDF reader, Adobe Flash Player, trial versions of antivirus software, Internet Security, Skype, WinZip file compression software, search toolbars, Windows Update, plenty of third party as well as HP drivers and HP business apps. Depending on what the computer is used for, you may find some of these software programs redundant and consuming precious system memory. They also adversely affect system start up and shutdown times, more so if they are automatically launched when the device is powered on and keep running in the background. Moreover, battery runtime is reduced and system suffers a terrible lag.

Such ’bloatwares’, as these un-used software programs are called, are highly detrimental to system performance and lead to a far-from-satisfactory user experience. It is therefore; in the interest of the user to identify and uninstall bloatwares from their laptops. “Identifying bloatware is crucial to improving system performance,” says Ashish Khanna, President, SupportMart Technical Services. “The user may have no need of certain HP business apps or HP proprietary software; on the other hand, you do not want to remove system drivers necessary for wireless connectivity or hardware functionality. Our expert HP tech support team at SupportMart can help you identify and uninstall bloatware and optimize computer performance.”

If your laptop is chock-full of bloatwares, it might be necessary to install Windows afresh. Before this is done, a system backup is recommended, to preserve any drivers that are difficult to find. Users will benefit from the professional services offered by SupportMart for a complete and safe system clean up.

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