Northrop Grumman Contributes To NGO Water Wells For Africa In Honor Of Earth Day 2012

Major global-security company, Northrop Grumman, focuses Earth Day 2012 efforts on the world's water crisis, and enables local NGO, Water Wells for Africa (WWFA), to finalize its most challenging endeavor, the Malawi Mountain Project.

Online PR News – 22-April-2012 – Manhattan Beach, CA – WWFA received a grant from Northrop Grumman early this week to complete their on-going Malawi Mountain Project, which seeks to address disease and violent conflict over scarce, open water sources in the Southern mountain region of Malawi, Africa. Originally, local drilling experts hailed the area, home to 6,000 people without access to clean water, as impossible to reach due to remoteness and rugged mountain terrain. Even so, WWFA committed to installing 5 new water wells, which would require re-grading the road and finding smaller equipment.

It will be worth all the effort. Water is a powerful catalyst. It ushers in a new way of life even attendance is expected to increase at the nearby school

Today, WWFA Executive Director, Adam Payton confirmed that the contribution by Northrop Grumman ensures the project’s completion, which will give safe, sustainable water to the remaining 1,600 people in Mapulango village who still use hand-dug wells. “In order to finish this last well we have to make another road to a suitable drilling area,” Payton says. The people of Mapulango have waited 3 years for WWFA to reach this final stage. “It will be worth all the effort. Water is a powerful catalyst. It ushers in a new way of life, even attendance is expected to increase at the nearby school,” Payton smiles.

Mr. David Hitchings, Corporate greeNG program director with Northrop Grumman states, “Water conservation is a corporate, environmental sustainability goal, and we have made this donation in honor of our Earth Day 2012 theme: Water – Conserve, Protect, Restore. We are pleased to support Water Wells For Africa and the very important work that they do to bring water to underserved communities around the globe.”

Payton travels back to Malawi this June to evaluate the completion of the Malawi Mountain Project. “It will be a great day for WWFA and the people of Mapulango village who have never had a sustainable water source,” Payton says, “We are thrilled to receive support from Northrop Grumman as a corporation that makes a positive impact on our community and that continues to reach others all over the world.”

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