Autism Awareness: Dr. Sarita Freedman Among Experts At Transition To Independence In Autism Forum

Autism expert to participate in upcoming conference with a focus on preparing individuals with autism and other unique challenges to successfully transition to independent living.

Online PR News – 23-April-2012 – Los Angeles, California – April is Autism Awareness month and also the month that the CDC announced an increase in the incidence of autism to 1 in 88, an announcement that occurred only months after previously reported rates of 1 in 110 in 2010. With an alarming number of individuals being diagnosed, the world faces unknown challenges and uncertainties about the future of not only those individuals being diagnosed, but society as a whole. The astronomical costs of supporting the varying lifelong needs of these individuals even today would financially challenge existing public benefit systems. Society cannot afford to ignore this issue.

Dr. Sarita Freedman, author of Developing College Skills in Students with Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome, is one of 22 experts who will participate in the “Prep. Launch. Elevate: Supporting Teens & Young Adults in Their Transition to Independence” conference in Los Angeles, CA. Her book emphasizes the importance of developing specific skill sets before students get to college. These skill sets focus less on academics and more on the social and communication realms that will ultimately enable people with autism specrum disorders (ASD) to work, independently care for themselves, and become contributing members of society. Employees with ASD are dependable and highly focused, and companies that are interested in training and hiring them value the precision and focus that they bring to their positions.

Prep. Launch. Elevate: Supporting Teens & Young Adults in Their Transition to Independence

Dr. Freedman is available for interviews on a number of topics related to ASD, including preparing students for college and life, working with families and couples, self-advocacy, and more.

“Prep. Launch. Elevate: Supporting Teens & Young Adults in Their Transition to Independence,” is the first annual conference for parents and professionals sponsored by The HELP Group’s Advance L.A. Program.

About [Sarita Freedman, PhD]Dr. Freedman is a licensed psychologist specializing in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She is the author of "Developing College Skills in Students with Autism & Asperger's Syndrome". Dr. Freedman has authored numerous articles on ASD and speaks at local and international conferences. She works with individuals of all ages, offering diagnosis, psychotherapy, family support, and work with couples where one of the people has ASD. She is the founder of College on the Spectrum, dedicated to helping individuals with ASD succeed in college and beyond.

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