DVDFab released a new version to support more new movies

Fengtao Software Inc. updated its software build to Qt for both Windows and Mac OS X, mainly targeting at supporting more newly released movies.

Online PR News – 21-April-2012 – Beijing, China – Fengtao Software Inc., the leading multimedia software company majors in DVD, Blu-ray copy and video converter, updated its software build to Qt for both Windows and Mac OS X, mainly targeting at supporting more newly released movies. Here is the story in great detail.

DVDFab build was released on April 17
April 17, Fengtao Software upgraded its DVDFab shareware to the latest build of Qt, and for Mac one day later on 18. These two updates came up with supporting of more new movies and at the mean time, some other major fixes.
As a powerful DVD copy software, these two newest versions supported a new movie which was specially released for the UK market, and fixed the backed-up disc won't play problem when copying a certain disc in DVD Copy "Full Disc" mode. Also, it cured a crash problem when there was 502 error in DVD Ripper and a freeze problem when opening certain Blu-ray discs in Blu-ray Copy. To get this least release, please go to http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm

Several ways to minimize the cases of freeze and crash issues
While running an application, the greatest pain is nothing less than a freeze or a crash. Suppose, your job is almost done, and at the very end of the finalizing point, something goes wrong with your system, and then the screen freezes, then you hold your breath and pray from the bottom of your heart that it will be okay in one minute, or maybe five. But, the miracle does not happen, your screen freezes forever, or to make matters worse, it crashes, you can do nothing but a reboot of your system. Then you have to redo everything from scratch, alas, what a pain! To minimize such situations, here are some useful tips and advices from DVDFab Service Team and R&D division. Hope they are of help.
First and foremost, it’s better to make sure the source disc is clean. To target this, a simple cleaning of the disc being loaded is necessary: keep the disc face free of dirt, scratch, and any other dusts. Sometimes, even a chemical cleaning is better.
Next, a periodical clean of the disc drive will help. A better maintenance of your computer on daily basic will save you much wear and tear, especially to the internal or external disc drive, where a lot of dusts are more likely to accumulate. An occasional clean to the laser with air or kit can be good to your drive and your backup job.
Furthermore, in consideration of your PC’s overall ability, do not run multiple instances of DVDFab, slow down the burning speed and using top rated blank media while doing burning task and, disable all GPU accelerations while doing converting job.
Last but certainly not least, do not burn continually. A long term burning process may result in a very high temperature of the DVD or Blu-ray Drive and the firmware’s of computer, which may produce unexpected results, even bad quality.
For more information on how to properly utilize DVDFab, you can go to http://www.dvdfab.com/faq