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Online PR News – 21-April-2012 – Knoxville, TN, April 17, 2012 - – Is America in trouble? On a daily basis Americans are being required to answer that question both subconsciously and openly by today's media pundits. Recent economic reports have shown vulnerabilities in the United States economic engine including everything from manufacturing to consumer spending. Dr. Daryl Green and Dr. Dave Hinkes, professors at Lincoln Memorial University, offer advice to businesses on how to increase market share and profitability even during an economic crisis.

With 15 million unemployed in America, individuals are searching for glimmers of hope that the economy is rebounding. Yet, even the latest positive economic news brings another sequence of gloom. For example, the job rate ticked down in July, 2011; however, American businesses are not creating enough jobs. With unemployment still hovering over 9%, most people do not feel there is much to be happy about related to the job outlook. One of the smartest ways to retool the economy is by selling more products and services to domestic and international markets. Therefore, a keen understanding of the art of selling becomes a critical competitive advantage to organizations that want to sustain profitability over the long-term.

Dr. Dave Hinkes, author of Selling by Objectives: The Handbook for More Profitability in the 21st Century, and advisor of Fortune 500 clients, suggests that businesses need to stay connected with their customers. He further prescribes a relationship selling model based on several key elements which include branding, quality, reliability, flexibility, creativity, simplicity, efficiency, and price. Dr. Hinkes adds: "If you can practice or role play your responses to these objectives originating from any source, then you will find that you will be closing more deals, building more wealth, and saving time and effort in the process."

Relationship skills can make or break important personal as well as business connections. Dr. Green has done extensive research on job strategies for today's future leader( )s. His last book, Job Strategies for the 21st Century, has been rated number one on Dr. Green notes, "The concept of selling is related to creating value for customers. When a bakery gives an extra donut in a dozen, the company is adding value and fosters better relationships with customers." Given these realities, selling is a people-oriented business that addresses the customer value proposition. No matter what business you are in, you must sell your product or services to customers.

Selling by Objectives is available online at and other book retailers. You can also view the book trailer on at (" target="_blank" title="Click to open in a new window or tab ). For more information about the book or the author, please contact Donna Gilliard at 865-216-9209. Dr. Hinkes and Dr. Green are available for media interviews.

About the Authors

Dr. Dave Hinkes and Dr. Daryl Green combined have helped thousands with lectures, seminars, and columns. Dr. Green has been noted and quoted in some prominent media organizations as USA Today, The Hallerin Hill Show, and Ebony Magazine.


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