Frustrated Author Releases His Master Cleanse Coach App For Android Phones

Bestselling author, Peter Glickman, didn’t have time to answer people’s Master Cleanse questions. So, he brought his popular Master Cleanse Coach app to the Android Market to ensure people get their questions answered and have the right data to succeed on the Master Cleanse.

Online PR News – 20-April-2012 – Clearwater, FL – Peter Glickman’s book on the Master Cleanse, Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, was so successful that he found himself on the pages of the NY Times, London Times, USA Today and Vogue Australia as well as on NBC’s Today Show, CBS National News, Fox TV’s Good Morning Show and radio shows as far as Jamaica. That’s when his trouble started.

“So many people were calling, emailing and asking me questions about the Master Cleanse that there just wasn’t enough time to answer everyone and I felt bad because I knew some of them wouldn’t get great results unless they knew a little more. So, I decided to create a smart phone app that had the answers they needed to succeed,” said the developer of the Master Cleanse Coach App, just released for Android phones.

Glickman’s first Master Cleanse Coach app was for the iPhone and iPad. It included Quick Start instructions; instant answers to the most common questions; a link to order books and supplies; a daily journal with comments that can post to Facebook or Twitter; graphs of Weight, Waist, Energy & Happiness; before and after pictures and the ability to share journals with friends via email.

Even though it sold more than 4,800 copies in 49 countries, it didn’t completely solve the problem because enormous numbers of people had Android phones and Glickman still couldn’t keep up with everyone’s questions.

So now, Glickman is extending his ability to answer people’s questions by bringing the Master Cleanse Coach to the Android phone market with more than 300 million Android devices currently in use worldwide and 6 million more activated each week.

However, Glickman says he’s not done yet. The man CBS National News called the modern-day Master Cleanse guru says he won’t stop until everyone has heard of the Master Cleanse and gotten their questions answered.

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