eye on the sparrow designs Recognizes Earth Day Every Day

eye on the sparrow designs isn't just what the boho-chic kids are wearing to music festivals this year. It's environmentally protecting the environment and using local Dallas/Fort Worth musicians to do so.

Online PR News – 19-April-2012 – Dallas, Texas – Most people don't think about guitar strings and bass strings when they think about being environmentally conscious. If they did they would realize how incredibly hard it is for a musician to be earth friendly. Businesses like eye on the sparrow designs are trying to change that, one string at a time.

"After the death of my dear friend, Carter Albrecht, I desperately wanted to find something I could hold in my hand. I needed something tangible to preserve his memory. I finally stumbled upon the idea of using this untapped resource in guitar and bass strings. Not only were they a tangible piece of a musician's mojo, but they turned what would otherwise be contributing to a landfill into beautiful jewelry designs, " says Abbie Chesney, owner/designer of eye on the sparrow designs.

Chesney collects guitar and bass strings from the local music community to not only share a musician's mojo and do her effort to clean up the environment, but to also promote local, possibly otherwise unheard musicians by tagging designs with the musicians name who is responsible for donating the strings. Carter Albrecht, who was a well known Dallas musician, believed in the Dallas music scene. Chesney says her motivation to promote local artists comes from staying true to what Carter believed in.

To learn more about eye on the sparrow designs and our products visit http://www.sparrowc.etsy.com, call 214-616-2262, or email eyeonthesparrowdesigns@gmail.com.

Abbie Chesney, eye on the sparrow designs sole proprietor, is a resident of Dallas, Texas.

About eye on the sparrow designs

eye on the sparrow designs works to help musicians reach their dreams, one string at a time. Each purchase of a handmade jewelry design from recycled guitar and bass strings donated by local musicians goes right back into the music community through the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation and directly into the pockets of musicians by better pay for their gigs. The Carter Albrecht Music Foundation awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors interested in furthering a career in music. To date eye on the sparrow designs has donated over $6,000 to the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation.

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