MyMigraineJournal launches its website to provide modern web-based solution to help people identify their migraine triggers and other migraine causes

The purpose of MyMigraineJournal is to help migraine sufferers, who wish, with the advice of their doctor, to create an online migraine journal and to utilize modern statistical technology to identify their migraine triggers.

Online PR News – 19-February-2010 – – U.S.A., February 19, 2010- an innovative online service provider today launched its website to help migraine headache sufferers to identify the triggers of their headaches and thereby avoid these same triggers. The software is currently being made available free on a beta-testing basis. In future the software will be available either free of charge or at a modest price.

Work structure of will include steps mentioned below:

1. Getting Started:

To begin using the system, users:
• Sign up with an e-mail account & password
• Pick trigger questions from the given list
• Prepare their own trigger questions’ list
• Generate a list of symptom questions to be asked on headache days (optional)
2. Everyday Activity:
The user:
• Completes a super-fast daily questionnaire regarding exposure to potential triggers (e.g., drank wine; ate cheese; exposure to odors; etc.) and whether they had a headache that day (typically this takes about 30 seconds/day)
3. Report Generation:
• Approximately every two months, the user will receive an email update reporting results of a statistical analysis of you’re his or her data.
4. Whenever the User Wishes he or she may:
• Use MySettings to change options, add new trigger questions, edit old information, etc.
• View (and/or print out) a Calendar showing when headaches occurred during the report period.
• Download raw data as an Excel file & many more

The purpose of MyMigraineJournal is to help migraine sufferers, who wish, with the advice of their doctor, to create an online migraine journal and to utilize modern statistical technology to identify their migraine triggers .

With its online questionnaire services (that will be based on the answers of daily questionnaire) MyMigraineJournal aims to help people in 6 different ways, naming:

• This system will by itself (through email) remind the person concerned to keep track of the information that needs to be entered in the journal.

• This process of storing this information will be much quicker than keeping a pen-and-paper journal.

• It will enable the person to generate a properly maintained calendar with all the required detail that will help the service provider and user in identifying the migraine trigger more conveniently.

• The system will also incorporate the periodically generated statistics that will undertake in a sophisticated fashion to detect the migraine causes.

• As the user will keep adding details to the journal, the system will periodically reanalyze the entire dataset so that it can present to the users with the most accurate and up-to-date analysis report.

• The service provider will also use a data-analysis approach that will enable each user's data analysis to be benefited by the complete dataset (of all user)
In order to obtain a maximum chance of identifying each and every migraine triggers or migraine cause, the service provider recommends that every user should avail the services for at least 3-6 months before expecting definitive results.
“We have seen people (children included) suffering from frequent migraine headaches, and the saddest aspect of it is that they are not even aware of their migraine trigger. Unfortunately, medicines do not provide complete relief in most cases. Thus by becoming aware of one’s migraine triggers it should be possible to reduce the incidence of migraine headaches” said V. S. Hunter of
MyMigraineJournal is an online service provider which aims to provide to all the migraine sufferers, modern web-based solution to their chronic migraine problem. The main purpose of is to help migraine sufferers in identifying their migraine triggers and other causes that leads to the commencement of chronic pain in one part of their skull. These services will be provided to the people after a free registration in the beta-test version. At
MyMigraineJournal users will receive a fully customized and convenient questionnaire at daily basis, the answers of which will help the service provider to address the migraine trigger or migraine causes of the person concerned and will also enable them to come up with a suitable solution.
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