SEO Company new SEO Service Price and Package Plans for UK SEO Customers and SEO Companies

World most talented SEO Company has announced new Seo price and package plans for SEO Customers and SEO Companies based in London UK, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and Europe. Website design and Website Development Company Pakistan tat specialists in SEO has rock bottom SEO Prices now.

Online PR News – 19-February-2010 – – SEO Specialists Mr. Luqman Qadir that is a CEO of SEO Company had a meeting with British delegation that has visited their premises for search engine optimization and search engine marketing services said, we are one of the SEO Companies from Pakistan that is supporting UK’s largest companies, be it small business firms or mid-sized companies, we have gone beyond in delivering Organic Seo Services and Brilliant website design and website development to UK, Ireland, and Scotland based Companies. We are working with the UK’s largest companies Luqman told Andrew

Be it just business firms or SEO Companies, we have delivered what we committed and even we keep receiving appreciations that we have seriously gone beyond for companies success. Mr. Andrew Hilton that is running UK’s leading Computer repair and computers and laptops sales company was on his trip to number of Asian countries including Japan, Malaysia and Singapore whilst he planned to visit SEO Company

During their discussion with Luqman, they said, they are very interested to outsource website design and website development from UK to some brilliant website design and website development company and even SEO Companies which are helpful with impressive customer support, price and package plans and unfortunately during my travel and tours over the internet and now, I could not meet many great web design and web development companies which supply quality web design and web development service.

SEO Company has showed their Search engine optimization and search engine marketing portfolio and a presentation of 45-minutes has been played on which they have showed companies web designs and web development they have provided and even showed the number of worlds huge keywords and competitive long-tail key-phrases they ranked for past 12 years.

This presentation was not just all about the customers they work with but also the number of SEO Companies, web design companies and web development companies from all UK, Ireland, Scotland and Europe which are benefiting from outsourcing their website designing, development and seo campaigns to Pakistan, including the pricing and packages been discussed and showed and Luqman has introduced their huge team to Andrew including their website design and website development department, SEO department and Software development department including Link building and Search marketing department.

Andrew and his team of delegation has showed great interest in their services and were happy to see the list of huge list of small business firms and mid-sized companies which are already working with SEO Company, Andrew said, He has visited number of Asian countries as he sees a great service on affordable price when it comes to Asia, but we are not happy the kind of support they provide, they also use bad seo techniques and web design and web development practices, however, we are glad visiting you guys here and we are hopeful, there is a way out for us to work together.

Luqman has introduced Andrew and his delegation the wonderful customer support department they have around 22 executives to support their web design, web development and search engine optimization and search engine marketing support executives which are providing back up support or after sales support, seo consulting and seo pricing and packages information to all time zones customers.

In the end of this meeting Andrew and his delegation has been served local food which they enjoyed the most specially spicy beryani, including SEO Company has arrange their trip to Minaret Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque and number of other places in Lahore Pakistan.

Andrew said, He is very glad to see the young executives with pleasing personalities and he and his delegation is really glad to get introduced to this lovely SEO Company. He added during Luqman visits UK in the end of April we will be very interested to sign a mutual agreement on web design, web development, seo services and link building services they are providing however Andrew has handed over their new huge E-commerce website design and website development to SEO Company, their site includes online customer support system, account system, and online problem solutions, accounting management, as well as a website which has nearly all IT products this site would be selling.

The next part of this press release shall be published on 23rd February 2010

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