Marilyn’s Memoir Novoir Book Creation Process Documented

The documentation of the making of a Marilyn’s Memoir Novoir has been captured by critically acclaimed

Online PR News – 19-April-2012 – Maple Grove, MN – Minneapolis, MN, April 19, 2012 -- The Marilyn's Memoir Novoir, the biography for everyone, is a beautiful heirloom volume designed to last for generations, available to customers in one of four signature hand-bound styles. The documentation of the making a Novoir has been captured by critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Odd Lamp Productions, Michael Wilson.

Directly from within the book binder's studio, the video reveals a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at each step of the process in a Novoir creation showing the book artisan hand-sewing the pages, beveling board edges, inserting small hidden magnets to secure the custom fold-over flap, cutting, applying and hand-stamping the leather setting the hand-designed inlays.

In an overwhelmingly digital world, the love and preservation of physical books has become a topic of increasing interest. Internet entrepreneur Brewster Kahle is currently heading a project in Richmond, California where in a climate controlled warehouse, they are attempting to preserve one copy of every book ever published. "There is always going to be a role for books," Kahle says. "We want to see books live forever."

Marilyn's Memoir applauds this notion. Novoirs are designed to be exactly that. The remarkable workmanship that goes into every Novoir becomes self-evident, giving the customer an inside look at the high-end quality of the product we offer. As seen in this new documentary video, it's clearly apparent that the Novoir is, indeed, "A Gift of a Lifetime."

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Marilyn's Memoir was founded on the belief that everyone has a unique story to tell, one worth preserving. Whatever category whether Personal, Couple's, Family, or Business, there is a Marilyn's Memoir Novoir for you… just waiting to be written.

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