ATX Global Launches Plan For Contractors Marketing their Services In Foreclosure Hot Spots

Local construction companies can compete with the big names in the business in any economy. They just need to access the right kind of marketing plan.

Online PR News – 23-April-2012 – Houston, TX – Local construction companies can compete with the big names in the business in any economy. They just need to access the right kind of marketing plan.

This was the message that consulting firm ATX Global issued today to “small-time” contractors marketing their services in distressed communities.

The announcement echoes RealtyTrac updates which hinted of some good news to find in Texas’ foreclosure market.

Latest statistics indicate that foreclosure filings for the state in March this year decreased to 8,220 – a figure that is roughly 25 percent lower than last year’s.

Overall statistics from January to March also show a diving trend in foreclosure sales, which are now at least 30 percent lower than the previous quarter’s.

Planning for Success, not Survival

This is not the first time that company founder and renegade millionaire Travis Jenkins made the statement.

In his previous press announcement, Jenkins said that foreclosures amplify chronic issues faced by contractors marketing roofing services or construction products – issues that proper planning could in fact correct.

His calls for hope in a shoddy economy are directed toward small-time home improvement and construction business owners who doubt whether their company can withstand the tough times and survive the competition.

Not just any plan will work however, the renegade millionaire pointed out. The marketing plan has to be tried and tested by a fellow contractor himself and needs to be designed for success and not just for survival.

He hinted that ATX Global uses a plan derived from several marketing techniques which made him $ 27M richer back when recession hit the United States.

Correcting Marketing Plan Mistakes

ATX Global is one of the few consulting firms that have not fully crossed over to digital marketing.

The company said it prefers to “retain what is useful,” referring to the use of marketing plans and combining these with the appropriate technology.

With so many self-confessed millionaires in the web and tons of self-help tools being created, the firm enumerated the following issues:

• It can be overwhelming for the small-time business owner to follow through with his priorities: running a business, protecting online reputation, and learning the ropes of new media and technology updates.

• There is a prevalence of outdated, useless content. Many of the plans use boiler-plate advice which may have worked for companies prior to the recession. According to the firm, the business owner must ask, “Where are these businesses now?”

What home improvement owners need today is a plan that allows a company to indoctrinate its prospects, educate its target market, and automate the right parts of the business, ATX Global said.

The consulting firm has already released a free guide that gives business owners some pointers on how to remain profitable in any economy.

About ATX Global
Founded by Travis Lane Jenkins, ATX Global is a consulting firm that caters specifically to home improvement business owners and roofing contractors marketing their services in both affluent and distressed areas. The company offers a range of services and features among others an economy-proof marketing approach for its clients.